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Having backlinks is one of the goals to aim for when trying to build a website optimized for SEO, why? because they will help you get more hits than you can count on your blog and then to improve your web positioning. But what exactly is a backlink and how can I create them effectively?

What are backlinks and how to create them?

Backlinks are links found on different websites that will redirect to our page. That is, when a person clicks on a hyperlink from website A and directs you to website B, other than the first, it is a back link from website A.

The more backlinks you have, the more authority you will have for Google because recommendations from other sites to your website build credibility for search engines.

Therefore, the greater the number of backlinks, the better it will rank on the web. Plus, you'll attract many more users to your site, increasing the chances of them becoming potential customers.

It is important to clarify that Google values ​​important pages more than small sites without a lot of traffic. Basically a backlink on a page like ABC is worth more than 100 on newly created blogs.

on your part, the practice of creating backlinks to your website is known as Linkbuilding. This strategy is done so that they have more options for finding your site on the internet.

How to connect building and why should it be done?

There are many ways to do link building and get backlinks, but there are also methods that are penalized by Google, so you need to know how to do it.

To do a good link building you need to put a amazing anchored text and have enriching content on your site, which is useful for users who get there.

The anchored text is that sentence we read, in most cases of another color, which clicking on it will direct us to another web page. You need to try to capture the reader so that when they click and reach the new page, they can answer their question.

Despite all this, it should be borne in mind that it is not that easy to place links to your website on other sites outside of your page, since we cannot force other people to place links on their websites leading to yours.

For this reason, all those websites need to be motivated to carry out this link building. becoming a point of reference in the sector in which you work e generating useful and valuable content on your website.

Techniques for good link building

You need to be clear about what to do when building link and what techniques to use to achieve the goal of achieving more people ed avoid making mistakes that Google disapproves of.

To do this, some of the most useful, effective and organic techniques for optimal and effective link building are the following:

Guest blogging

This method consists in writing to someone else's site as a guest and by contributing useful content, you can create a backlink that sends to your site. Having a positive relationship with users who deal with the same topic as you can be very beneficial for both of you.

Content upon content

A strategy that consists of reuse the contents and turn them into another piece (audio, video, another blog), making it ideal for the different platforms that exist.

This way you will have different content for different platforms, having the opportunity to earn a lot of backlinks.

Interaction in blogs and social networks

Being present in places where a large number of potential customers are concentrated is always a good idea. You can participate in blogs, answer user questions e invite them to your website with the backlink to know more.

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