How to create shortcuts to shut down, suspend or hibernate Windows 10

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How to create shortcuts to shut down, suspend or hibernate Windows 10?

Windows presents shortcuts adaptable to the interests of its users. To manage this system quickly and easily, shortcuts are usually a viable option as they allow direct access to any application of continuous use.

Here's all the information you need to know about shortcuts and how to create one for Windows 10 shutdown, suspend, and hibernate options.

What is a shortcut?

A direct access is a file that allows quick or direct access to an application, web page or file. Shortcuts are often found on the Windows desktop; however, a link can be moved anywhere else in the operating system, such as one folder or the bar of the uses .

What is a shortcut for?

A link is used to redirect the user to an application they want to access. The link contains an icon representing the file, web page, or program that opens with an addressing method based on the location of the tool.

In the Windows operating system, shortcuts contain the extension .ink, while in the Linux operating system they are created as "Desktop" files and, for their part, Apple and its iOS system present them under the name of "Alias".

How does a shortcut work?

A link works by looking for the location of a program, file or web page that has been specified in the operating system to quickly access one of these.

If the user deletes the link or program to which the resource is directed, an error message and a window are displayed to locate the location of the program to which the link was previously directed on the hard drive.

The shortcuts in Windows 10 and how to create shortcuts to shut down, suspend or hibernate Windows 10

You can create shortcuts in Windows through a simple procedure that consists in assigning to a file the position of the program in which we want to enter directly. This address contains a command that specifies the procedure to be followed by the operating system.

Add a link in Windows 10

First of all, you need to locate yourself on the desktop and right-click on it. Then, you need to select the “New” option and then “Link”. Then, a window will appear in which you need to enter the program position to which you want to log in directly.

Create a shortcut to "Shut Down" in Windows 10

To quickly access the “Shutdown” option, you need to add a shortcut as explained above. In this way, you will be able to view a wizard and there you will have to write the following command: shutdown-s-t 0

In addition to this interesting feature, there is the possibility of using a timer to turn off Windows 10 at a certain time. A recommended option in case you go to bed to sleep or leave the house.

Create a link to "Suspend" in Windows 10

To quickly insert the "Suspend" option via a shortcut, you need to add it initially and, from the wizard, you will write the following command: shutdown –h –t 0

On the other hand, if you don't plan on using the above command to create the shortcut, remember that you can change the sleep timeout in Windows.

Create a shortcut to "Hibernate" in Windows 10

In the case of the "Hibernate" option, you need to add a shortcut and, from the wizard, you will write the command: shutdown –h –t 0. If the “Hibernate” option is disabled on your computer, the system will proceed to perform the “Hibernate” option in Windows 10.

Finally, as an extra aspect, we recommend that you consider enabling your laptop to go into hibernation or sleep mode when you close the lid, a relevant option for saving battery.

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