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In seconds you can send any group members to any survey or questionnaire wishes. This process also applies to channels in which members can participate without any kind of restriction. Something extremely useful for businesses.

The difference between the two is quite simple. Participating survey members can choose the answer they prefer. While in one form only one answer is correct and they have to guess it. It's a great way to interact with group members.

What you should bear in mind is that this option is not available for individual chats. In turn, the tutorial you will see below applies to both mobile devices and the desktop version.

Create surveys and questionnaires in Telegram quickly and easily

  • Open the telegram.
  • Then you need to enter the group in which you want to create a survey or questionnaire.
  • Now you will have to do click the clip icon. This icon can be placed at the bottom right or left of the screen. This will depend on the operating system. But it will always be where you write the message.
  • You will go to the sharing screen. Here you will have to choose " Survey ”To be able to create a survey or questionnaire.
  • You will automatically go to the survey creation screen where you have three options. We will try to explain in detail what each of them is for.

Question: Here you will obviously have to add the question you want to ask the group members.

Answers: You can add up to ten questions so that survey participants can choose. In case you want to change the position of any of them, you can press and hold the icon on the left of each of them to order them as you wish.

Settings: You can change some options in the survey. In case you want the votes to be anonymous, they can choose different options and this is where you find the button " Questionnaire ”To turn the survey into a questionnaire.

Create Telegram surveys and questionnaires on iOS and Android

After converted the survey into a questionnaire. You will be able to see the question and all the options as you previously configured them. The only thing is that being a questionnaire you will have to choose which of all those answers is correct so that the participants can answer.

Once pressed on " Crea ”The questionnaire or survey will be published in the group and its members will be able to respond. If you have decided to create a questionnaire, when the answer is incorrect an "X" will appear if the answer is correct, a "V" will appear.

It is very easy to learn how to create surveys and questionnaires on Telegram. This process is exactly the same for computers. So this tutorial works for both mobile and PC.

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At the same time remember that if you have any kind of doubt with the app we are here to help. You can leave us any questions you have in the comment box which you can find a little further down.

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