How to delete a Hi5 account and cancel your VIP membership in an easy way

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You should know that it is very easy to delete your Hi5 account, you just need your login details to be able to reach it. That is, you have need your email and password. In case you don't remember your password, you can reset it with the help of your email.

You will learn below how to delete your Hi5 account, as well as how to cancel your VIP membership and how to recover your deleted account.

How to cancel Hi5 VIP subscription?

You have to take that into consideration you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. To start you need to login and enter the settings in which you will see the option to cancel your subscription. Likewise, if you wish, you can pay the subscription again.

Procedure to delete the account

To delete the account in Hi5 you have to do a procedure similar to that of dating sites like Match or others. Hi5 offers you two methods to get it. One of the methods is through their website, where you can normally log into your account. The other alternative is to use the browser on your mobile device or by downloading the application.

From the website

In order to delete your Hi5 account, the first thing you need to do, in true Grindr style, is to enter the website and log into your account. Once logged in, you need to click where it says " Account ». When the menu appears, you need to click on «Settings».

Then you will find an option that says " Delete account «, Then in the link that will appear later, you have to click on« Cancel your Hi5 account ».

The page will tell you to justify why you are deleting your account, then a series of reasons will appear to select one. Next, click on the "Yes, I want to delete my account" option.

To complete the procedure, enter your access password and press " Delete account " And that's it. By doing this, your account will have been successfully deleted.

From your mobile

Hi5 offers you another way to cancel your account, and that is by using your mobile. For delete your account from a mobile device, you can do this by accessing the page from your browser or by downloading the application for Android or iPhone.

Once you are on the social network you must i nicia r session to enter t us access to the data. A after logging in on, you press r option to set up your account and you can see that the final ascertainment ost the option "Cancel Account", in which you place the link " delete your Hi5 account ". Finally, you just have to choose a reason and enter your password to finish.

What happens if I cancel my account without canceling the VIP membership?

Before deleting the account it is very necessary to cancel the VIP subscription. This is because as it gets paid, if you do not cancel it, the cash will still be deducted for the rest of the months, which is a loss you can avoid by following the steps correctly.

After deleting it, can I get my Hi5 account back?

If you want to recover an account that you have deleted, this is possible. The first thing to do is log into your account as if you have never deleted it. Next, they will ask you to reactivate your account by following a few very simple steps.

You have to keep present and the possibility exists that you cannot retrieve all the information in your account such as comments, messages, photos, among other things.

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