How To Delete A Scribd Account And Cancel My Subscription Plan - Very Easy

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Scribd is a platform for uploading and reading documents, most of which are paid for through a special subscription. You can access audio books, books and other materials important for entertaining or seeking very important scientific information.

It is one of the best known virtual platforms for this type of action and is very safe for all users. However, there are people who decide to cancel your subscription or cancel your account for any particular situation or inconvenience.

So this time we will talk about how to delete your account or unsubscribe from Scribd very easily.

Delete your Scribd account or cancel your subscription

The first step for delete your Scribd account is accessed via the main page. Next, you have to select the option where the profile photo appears and select Account Settings.

Next, you need to choose the option Delete your account, where the system will mention the consequences obtained in this way. If you want to continue with it, we just have to confirm it by selecting Yes, delete my account and we will proceed to do so.

It is important to remember that when a Scribd account is deleted, all documents are archived they are completely eliminated. However, we can create a new account if we wish, as our data has been completely removed from the platform.

Within the Scribd platform, you can read the Subscription agreement, where the user rules are explained. Regarding the deletion of accounts, the page staff reserves the right to delete them for any reason.

To unsubscribe, the procedure is quite similar, since it can also be accessed via the Account Settings. In this case, we need to select About payment and subscription, where the information of the one already active is displayed.

We need to select the option Deactivate or terminate your subscription and we must confirm the process only when prompted. Information on the remaining time of the subscription that has been canceled will also be displayed.

As mentioned above, the Underwriting Agreement explains the regulations that are involved in accepting the rules and conditions. As with accounts, Scribd platform managers can unsubscribe if they deem it necessary.

You can also unsubscribe by writing an email to or by making a request on the support website.

Other important features and very useful functions within Scribd

Although the system requires a subscription or document to get another one, it doesn't it must necessarily be so. You can download free books from Scribd without uploading any files we own as an exchange on the platform.

The main reason Scribd charges for subscriptions is protect the rights of authors of such documents. It is also to considerably diminish the chances of plagiarism that can occur within the world of literature and writing.

That is why one of the first requests of the system is to register using a card of credit completely valid. In it the subscription costs will be charged, and that is why we explain how to cancel it when we want.

It is important to always read the termini e le condizioni of this type of platform to know the rules and laws. This way we avoid any inconvenience or problem when using their services to entertain, investigate, educate or work on anything.

Scribd may be the best platform of its kind for computers, but for mobile devices they exist already specialized apps. One example is the best free ePub book apps that are also compatible with Android, Windows, and even Ubuntu.

Reading eBooks in all their formats helps to make a positive change in many important aspects of our daily life. We can better preserve our environment, taking care of the trees and discarding less paper, as well as saving a lot of personal space which is vital.

In See how it's done you can find other articles related to virtual and digital aspects that can solve your doubts. We explain everything so that you can understand it very easily, without wasting a lot of time on the whole process you want to go through.

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