How to Delete a Video from the Like App - Quick and Easy

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Deleting a video from this application is extremely simple and it will take a few minutes. You just have to confirm the action to make sure you haven't clicked on that area by mistake.

You will need to have an Android or iPhone mobile device and have the unpleasant application in it, remember that you can get it for free in the latest version of the Play Store or the Apple Store .

What is Like App and how it works

Like is an application designed to create music video, very similar to Tik Tok. It has a wide variety of filters and editing options for your videos that make them unique.

Precisely for this reason it has become stiff competition for Tik Tok. Well, not only can you share your music videos and make live videos, but it also works as a social network where you can share messages with friends and meet new people.

The Like app allows you to browse it by watching videos uploaded by other people without having to create a profile to enter, but if you all want to create a profile in the Like App, you can do it in minutes.

To do this, download the app on your mobile device and create a user with your phone number to validate your account and write the confirmation pin that arrives via SMS on your mobile. The next thing will be to fill in some fields of your profile like name and profile picture.

This way you will have already created a profile that will allow you to access all its functions, such as sharing videos, directing, chatting with other people, and blocking who is bothering you.

Like App is extremely easy to use whether it's editing video or broadcasting a live broadcast. You can add as many filter effects as you like, it even has music tracks that you can add in the background to do choreography, for example.

How to delete a video from Like App in a few steps

If you uploaded a video by mistake or just regret it, don't worry, it's possible delete a video from the Like app and in fact doing it is very simple. We will explain step by step how to do it. You are ready? let's begin

You need to have your Android or iOS mobile device handy, as the method is the same in both, you just need to download the app. Start by entering your profile, in case you haven't registered yet, enter with your username and password.

Once logged in, log into your profile. Go to the video you want to delete and press the three dots icon you have in the upper right part of the video to open the options menu.

Once inside the menu, look for the option » Delete video ». After clicking on this option, you will be asked to confirm this action, this is because Like App must make sure that you have not clicked on that area by mistake, then click on «Delete» again.

In this way you will have removed a video from the Like App application quickly and easily. Now you just need to keep enjoying this music video app.

If you have any questions about how to remove a video from the Like App application, you can leave it below in the comment box so we can help you. Please remember that we are periodically adding tutorial content for this app and others.

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