How to delete all photos posted on my Instagram account? - Step by step

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Of course all of these Instagram tools, their designers update them all the time, they also put new options for users to do different and ingenious things.

For every photo you have on Instagram you can apply any of the different functions we mentioned earlier, which is why this social network has become so widely used around the world with over 1.000 million active users.

The filters used on Instagram are many that can make important changes to photos or videos, with these we can retro colors, you can also give them a nostalgic look or make it style vintage and many others.

Of course, sometimes it happens that with the passage of time there are photos that we don't like anymore or photos with people we don't even see anymore at the moment, now we want to delete those photos. The question is: how do we delete all those photos?

We will explain what you need to do to get rid of all those photos you don't want anymore.

Steps to delete photos from your Instagram account from your mobile

Like from mobile, it is the most common way to use this social networks, you have to follow the steps we will give you below to delete photos on Instagram.

Step 1

Enter Instagram from your smartphone.

Step 2

Enter your user profile.

3 pass

When you are in the your account, all your data are displayed, there are also all the photos you have published. You will now locate the photo you want to delete from your posts.

4 pass

With the photo selected, go to the top right of the screen, press where the three dots are.

5 pass

After pressing a menu opens, that's where you will see "delete" and press there.

7 pass

It appears on the confirmation screen asking, hit Delete and then you will delete the photo from your account.

How to delete your Instagram account photos from your computer?

Sometimes there are many users who like more to access their Instagram account from their computer, now we will explain how to delete photos step by step.

Before having all the functions and also delete photos you need to download an android emulator for your computer, you can free download the latest version of BlueStacks for PC.

After downloading and installing it, go to the Instagram application. Remember all the steps you will take with the emulator from your computer:

Step 1

When you're ready, log into your Instagram account from the emulator on your computer.

Step 2

Here you start the section from your computer by entering your data.

3 pass

Now go to your profile icon at the bottom left of the screen.

4 pass

The number of your followers will immediately appear, as well as those you follow, along with your publications.

5 pass

Within your publication, choose the one you want to delete.

6 pass

When you have it on the screen go to the three points that are at the top right, press it.

7 pass

You will see some options that brands eliminate.

8 pass

Here it asks you to confirm that if you want to delete that photo, hit Delete and you will have the deleted photo.

Now if you want to delete multiple photos you have to repeat the same process, Instagram does not allow you to delete multiple photos at the same time. If you want to learn other things on Instagram you can visit this section and find further help.

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