How to Delete All Your Comments on Reddit - Step by Step Guide

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If you made a negative comment on a post on Reddit and you wonder how I can delete all comments on Reddit posts? You should know that it is a few steps and it is not difficult at all.

Over time, it has been shown that the humanity needs to be in communication with each other. So they looked for ways to strengthen the bond between people. Reddit was created for this community purpose, as it is a network where we can contact all kinds of people around the world.

However, sometimes we may make comments that after sending them we regret it and we can't find a way to fix or eliminate it, but don't worry because in this article we will show you the easiest way to do it.

How does Reddit history work?

Reddit's website history system is an option that it can be very useful for users since it saves information about the pages that have been visited or searched recently, in order to facilitate their search when they want to see the content of that page again at some point.

Keep in mind that this Reddit history offers also the possibility of being deleted via the same page or App, to do this you will need to log into Reddit from the device you want and enter your profile. Once inside, hit on settings and find the history option and inside it hit the option that says "Delete local history"  and voila you will have clean Reddit history.

Delete posts or comments on Reddit

First of all, you should know that you will always have a way to delete everything you post in this app. So you won't have any kind of mistake when you try after regretting making a comment. Naturally, you will have to before have the app on your smartphone and open it so you can log into your Reddit account.

To enter you only need your email and a secure password, you will need to go to the configuration section of the app. For some time we will be able to locate it on the right side. Clicking on this section will display a list with options. You should know that these options affect your account and that from here you will have access to everything.

On top of all this, you will have the option that directs you to your personal profile. We have to click on this option and wait for the screen to change to show us our profile. Firstly, it will leave us in the post section and from there we can delete any of our posts. However, what interests us is the option which is on the side that says comments.

Here you just have to select which comment you don't like and click on the three dots that appear in the right corner. It remains only to press delete and voila. Here's how to remove Reddit comments based on your device:

From Android devices

To delete a comment or post you posted on Reddit, you need to enter the application on your Android device, then log into your profile and search for the post you want to delete. Once you are in this tab, press the button with the three dots of the post you want to delete, a small window will appear with different options, choose ' Remove' and then ' Delete post '  to completely delete the post or comment.

Call the iPhone

The method to delete Reddit comments or posts on iPhone phones is not very different from the Android method, in order to do this you will have to open the application and log in to your Reddit account, once inside find the post or comment you want to remove. Click the three-dot button to access more options and click the option 'Remove' and then on Elimina post’ in  so that the comment or post can be deleted from the platform.

With PC

Delete i comments posted on Reddit via PC, actually it's something very similar to what we did from our mobile. In this case, what we will need to do is be connected to the Internet and use our trusted browser.

The reason why Reddit allows you so much freedom on your publications is that it is a great way to keep the trust of its users, that way everyone is happy and over 90% of the privacy errors on the website.

For the first step we will open our browser and in the bar we will look for With this we should be able to access your home page where we will have to log in with our personal account. Once our profile is uploaded, we can click on our account picture. Yup will open a menu similar to Android and iOS. Then all that remains is to click configure.

Similarly when loading the menu we will have to go to the comments section and from there delete what we want. For this we will just have to do click the points and click delete.

Alternative extensions to delete messages and comments

You can also choose to use an alternative function to be able to delete comments and messages from the Reddit platform, in case you cannot do it directly from the Reddit page, then we will show you the different methods to delete comments on Reddit.

Nuke Reddit

The Nuke Reddit extension is a function that works with Chrome to be able to remove all the comments you have made on Reddit in an easy way, the only detail is that this extension cannot work by itself, so another extension will have to be installed More called Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES).

It is not necessary to learn how to use this extension as it will help us only to use Nuke Reddit, once you have installed both extensions in your browser you will need to access the Reddit page, access your profile section and then the comments you have made.

In this tab, click the button for the Nuke Reddit extension in the browser tools and click the " Delete all comments "  to start the comment removal process.

RES (Reddit Improvement Suite)

This extension offers various functions that are not native to the Reddit platform itself, among the functions it offers is that of delete comments you made on Reddit, to start deleting comments with this extension you will first need to have it installed in your browser, and upload all comments to a page using RES. Next, open the developer tools console by pressing the keys (CTRL + Maiusc + J).

When the console tab opens, you will need to paste the following code into it. 'var $ domNodeToIterateOver = $ ($ 0027.del-button.option.yes $ 0027), currentTime = 0, timeInterval = 1500; $ domNodeToIterateOver.each (function () {var _this = $ (this); currentTime = currentTime + timeInterval; setTimeout (function () { ();}, currentTimeTime);}); '.

Finally you will have to press Enter so that the Script can be run and the comments you made on the Reddit platform can be deleted.

Power Delete Suite

This extension is one of the most comprehensive that has been developed to perform various functions on the Reddit platform, with it you can too filter the comments you want to delete, instead of deleting them all, you can also perform any action in an easier and faster way as the developer of this extension brings together all the necessary codes so that they can be performed simply by pressing the respective button.

Alternatives to not delete my comments on Reddit

If we intend to remove the content of a comment, it could be because you didn't like it or regret it. In these cases it is normal delete the publication completely. 

However, it is not the only option that is given to us, in case we have made a mistake while writing or simply do not express what you really think. You can resort to editing the comment, to change specific details that were not to your liking, and in this way it will not be deleted but the message will be corrected.

To do this, you need to follow the same instructions as to delete it, however, when you do the last step, it changes. Instead of clicking the Delete button, we will have to click on Edit. This will enable the comment box and we will be able to modify its content.

By doing so we will not have any kind of limitation with respect to the original publication. So we can write a message much shorter or longer, we can also change some words.

After making the respective changes to the Reddit comment, all you have to do is press accept so that the changes can be saved within the platform and voilà, you will no longer have any problems with any comments you have made.

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