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As progress and years appear more and more platforms and applications with different goals, this has changed the world enormously, the Internet and social networks have taken control of society significantly and positively, allowing for more structures and comfort when interacting with other people we want.

It is no secret to anyone that users spend most of their time in front of the screens of their mobile phones, tablets or computers, today we all use applications, platforms and social networks in the way we want, of course giving them a duly responsible use. 

It should be noted that the goal of dating platforms or applications is for users to interact daily with people abroad or, failing that, nearby, they have become a positive crowd. There are many people who they prefer to meet people through the Internet and even find partners, so if you are one of these people, what are you waiting for to use them?

There are many platforms with the same purpose, but some better than others in terms of quality, function and aesthetics, allow you to use them for free and securely, with different privacy policies in any situation that arises.

In this article we will tell you about the Match online dating app. Likewise, we will teach you how forever delete a account. Read on for details.

How to cancel your subscriptions on

When you want, you can cancel your subscription quickly and thus avoiding its automatic renewal, you just need to follow the below steps:

Enter the website, enter your profile with your login and once inside select the settings icon for your account. Then, select the "Manage / Cancel subscription" option, once done, the system will ask you to enter your password again and you should read very well the options it shows on the screen, at the end it will show you a message that will tell you: "The automatic renewal of your subscription has now been canceled", with this you will have finished the renewal of your membership, however your profile will continue to be available until the end of the current billing period.

How to cancel a Match account?

Match is one of these platforms preferred by users, but if at any time we want to completely delete the account in Match, we can do it effectively, first we need to log in to the app and then to our profile, then we will see next to our profile in Match an icon for settings, we click there.

So we'll see an option indicating "change" click and then «cancel subscription», once this is done, a pop-up window will automatically appear asking us to enter the password of the account we want to delete, so we do it and then press «Continue to delete».

Then we will get a notice that says "Remove profile and cancel subscription" click there and that's it, our account will be deleted, it should be noted that in this way we will not be able to have more access to our account, as it will have been completely deleted, as well as photos and personal information.

Can your Match Latam account be deleted from a PC browser?

In fact, and the steps are very simple, we explain to you: first, you need to access the official page of the platform, log into your profile with the same username and password you use to log in from your mobile application Once inside, locate a dice symbol at the top right of the page and click on it. When you do this, you will be directed to your account setup, then go to the 'Account settings' option, then click on the option: 'Change / Cancel your subscription'.

Once this is done, a new page will open and you will be asked to re-enter your password to log in, write it down and click on the "Proceed with deletion" button. At this point a new page will open with a form that will show you two options, one will say: "Subscription status" and the other "Cancel subscription and remove profile", to delete your account you absolutely have to choose the second option.

That's it, as your Match account has been deleted, we need to remember that, if at any time you wish to retrieve it, you will have a period of one year from the moment of cancellation to be able to recover it, after this period you will no longer be able to do so, in this case you will have to create a new account.

Find out how to unsubscribe from Match on iPhone or iPad

If you are one of the users who prefer to use iPad or iPhone, we will show you the steps to follow so that you can delete your Match account without any inconvenience. Go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad, look for the option that says "iTunes and App Store", you can identify it with a white "A". Press where it says "Apple ID", then a pop-up menu will appear, click on "View Apple ID", at this point you may be asked to enter your Apple ID password, if so, write it down to be able to to continue.

Next, scroll down until you find the "Subscriptions" section, it will open the list of active subscriptions at that moment. Find the M1atch subscription, then press the «Cancel subscription» button, a pop-up window will open to confirm your request. Press "Confirm", once you have followed and performed all these steps, your Match subscription has been canceled, you will be able to continue using your service until the next billing, however, this action will not delete your profile, it will only cancel the subscription you have active

Do Online Dating Really Work?

These platforms are very effective for quickly finding a partner, the web it provides us with ease and immediacy, so it would not be necessary to leave our homes to be able to find a suitable partner, it also allows us to have some sort of filter when it comes to meeting people, i.e. the platform is driven by viewing people by age, location and gender.

These types of web platforms are extremely ideal for users shy or introverted, as they facilitate communication and interaction through a screen, which makes it safer for them. One of the most popular online dating apps is the Tinder app.

As for the disadvantages, we believe that you have to be very careful when interacting, so the ideal would be to share as little personal information as possible with the person we are talking to, as these sites are also suitable for scams and others. the best would be if we had a personal encounter with the person, preferably in a public place.

Another drawback is that many people create fake profiles within these tools to obtain information from others, but for this we can know if a profile is fake on these platforms and report it immediately.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Match app?

In fact, there are more advantages than disadvantages, but there are still some, among the advantages of Match is that we can meet many new people, in the same way we can communicate from home with new people and to our liking without having to go anywhere, only through a screen.

And as for the downsides, it's that it can cause some misunderstandings, since I'm someone we don't know and that they could lie to us about their information, or they may even impersonate people of another gender, indicating otherwise.

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