How to delete an eBay account quickly and easily forever

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What you should know before deleting your eBay account

There are six basic things to keep in mind before permanently deleting your account:

  • To delete your eBay account the account balance must be zero and you cannot have transactions in suspended o open disputes; because you will not be able to delete your account until you have resolved these details. If this is the case for you, we recommend that you log into the Resolution Center to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • If you have an active suspension or restriction on your account by eBay, you will need to contact the company to close your account. Even if you haven't met the seller's performance standards, eBay does not allow you to close your account until you contact them.
  • If the reason you want to close your account is because you no longer want to be a seller, you don't need to delete your account. eBay allows you to remove the payment method and cancel sales subscriptions from your profile so that you can continue to use your account without needing to be a seller.
  • If you want to delete the account because the owner has passed away, you need to contact eBay.

  • When you request closure of your account, you can no longer log in to buy or sell.
  • If you have sold or purchased items 30 days before the account closure request, eBay will keep the account open for approximately 50 days in order to verify that the purchases and sales you have made at that time have been successful.

How to delete an eBay account quickly and easily forever?

  1. Log into your eBay account with the information you use regularly. If you have a problem with this step, we also show you what to do if you can't log into your eBay account.
  2. Once inside your account, go to the top left corner and click on your username.
  3. A menu will appear in which you need to select "Account settings".
  4. Immediately you will see several options on the screen select "Account". In this section you can also change your eBay password.
  5. You should now look for the option on the right side of the screen «Close account» and click there (it may happen that when you select this eBay option you will be redirected to the «Help» page to inform you on how to deactivate your account without the need to close it, if this happens click on «Close account» to follow the process).
  6. In the section «Close your eBay account» you have to click on the option "Request to close your account".
  7. First choose the reason why you are closing your account from the drop-down menu, secondly choose a specific reason in the checkbox and click «Continue».
  8. The system will ask you if the problem has been solved, click on the drop-down box and select "No, please close my account".
  9. Click on «Continue».
  10. Check the box that says "I have read and understood the above information" ; Checking this box indicates to eBay that you agree to the account termination terms.
  11. Click on «Continue»
  12. eBay will send you an email to the address you registered in your account, this message is intended to confirm receipt of the request, this email can be received within 24 hours.

Data of interest:

  • It may take a few days for your account to close before any sales or purchases made days before go through.
  • When you delete your eBay account, you will lose the grades you got, you will also lose the history of sales and purchases, but the votes you have made to other users will remain visible.
  • Some of your data will be stored in the eBay system for legal reasons, but this will greatly depend on the laws of each country.
  • If you have to use eBay again to sell or buy, you must re-register with another user and send an email.
  • You can cancel the close request during the waiting period.
  • If you are having trouble closing your account please do not hesitate to contact eBay customer service.
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