How to Delete, Delete or Deactivate a Meetme Account - Here is the answer

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The Meetme platform, like any social interaction network, is aimed at users who want meet many people and also broadcast in real time, this popular app has several sections to perform its different functions and you can use it on the web or via the app on your mobile.

In this sense, it has happened to many of us that after creating a profile, for whatever reason, we want to deactivate the profile, that is, when our problems begin, so here we will tell you what to do so that you can eliminate it easily and without frustration.

Now, we remind you that when delete your Meetme profile, you will not be able to retrieve any type of record that was in it, so take precautions to save the information you want before deleting your profile.

Tips before deactivating a Meetme profile

An important tip for all who want deactivate your profile social interaction it is advisable to first delete the profile.

It is recommended that you first remove the pictures that you have posted on the net, because in this way the account will be left without any kind of photographic registration, this is to avoid that if the account is not politely deleted there will be active photos on the network with which an attacker can later create a fake profile.

Delete, delete or deactivate a Meetme account

  • To remove the your Meetme profile from the platform, follow these simple tricks:
  1. From your computer
  2. Access to the Meetme site
  3. Log into your account by entering your password and email address.
  4. Next, look for the figure that is shaped like a walnut, choose "configuration"  and then click on " deactivate account "
  5. In the window that appears you must enter, according to the instructions on the screen, the email address with which you opened the Meetmet account and the respective password.
  6. Finally press where it reads "Deactivate account".
  7. Now your profile has been permanently deleted, to have access to Meetme again you will need to create a new profile from the beginning.
  8. From your mobile device
  9. From your mobile, access your Meetme profile, in the section above your application click where it says "I", select settings and look for where it says unsubscribe. You will immediately see a window where you will have to enter the data to verify your decision to cancel the account. And ready how easy it is.

Meetme app functionality

È a completely free app, similar to WhatsApp and Telegram messenger, is compatible with Android and iOS devices, is available in different languages, available for both desktop (PC) and mobile phones, takes up little storage space on mobile devices.

It offers you the possibility of a paid version of they give you access to unlock a number of features such as: games, photos, remove ads, get stickers, among other functions.

It also has an alternative which is to connect live, connect with GPS to contact people far away. It has a notification alert which you can mute if you wish. Where it shows you: who has seen your profile, has read your messages

As for messaging, it has a feature to select the contacts you consider as favorites and it also has a section related to news which provides the tool to view the activity of your contacts, you can delete the message history and you can choose if you want to remain invisible or not.

Regarding security; It offers you several alternatives related to your privacy, as well as being able to connect via your twitter network among many other features.

In conclusion, MeetMe is a commonly used app for interaction of virtual conversations with users of all ages and that you can get for free in the Play Store app store or on its website, where you can get it at its free version with functions base, you can also get it in its paid plan, with functions with additional features that allow you to have a more fun experience.

Now, if you've already made the decision to delete your profile on the Meetme network platform, do not hesitate to apply these practical steps indicated here, with which you can delete all traces of your profile in this app.

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