How to delete devices from the HBO account

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Many of us haven't watched mainstream television in a long time. YouTube and especially streaming series and movie platforms like Netflix, Disney + or HBO have changed the rules of the game.

The fact of being able to see what you want, where you want and when you want is what makes these platforms so attractive and is that we will not deny it, who hasn't seen an episode of their favorite series in bed, on the way to work on the subway or while taking the bus?

However, it is possible that we are users - for example - of HBO and we want to manage all our devices to remove all the ones we don't use. Well, doing it is really simple.

How to remove devices from our HBO account

HBO only allows you to register five different devices, so it's best to delete the ones you don't use

Although HBO may not be as popular as Netflix, for example, we will not deny that its catalog is full of high quality content and for all types of audiences.

So if we have an active HBO account and want to remove devices from it, we just have to follow these simple steps. Certain, we will have to do it from the web in the desktop browser.

  1. We log into the official HBO website and log in with our account
  2. We enter the My Account section, accessible where our name appears
  3. We select I my devices
  4. The list of all our devices will appear, we select what we want and click on Delete

HBO is one of the best streaming movie and series apps

But why do this? According to the HBO FAQ, we can only register up to five different devices for HBO.

This means that if we use the phone, computer, tablet and television for HBO, we will have already used four of the five devices that HBO allows us to register. Therefore, if we change our mobile device or even our smart TV, it is important to remember to delete the devices we do not use to add the newer ones.

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