How to delete games or applications linked to my Facebook account

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In the beginning, many years ago, when we created our Facebook account, one of yours major attractions were the online games that this social network offers. At that time there were many companies uploading their games to Facebook and therefore we were constantly finding more and more games of all kinds.

Over time, the popularity of these games has decreased more and more, to the point that the big video games that create franchises have simply disappeared from this social network, moving to other platforms where they could achieve stability and profitability. While on the other hand there were other cases.

Although many online video games and apps have disappeared, others they just stayed and they are still featured on our Facebook profile to this day, as even though they are few, there are still people interested in these games. On top of that, many kids today have access to Facebook and can enjoy it.

One of the very special features of the games on this social network are the constant notifications that tell you all kinds of things related to it. In case you have simply stopped playing it, there is no solution to prevent these messages from the video game from reaching you at all times. 

This can become very annoying and irritating for anyone who has forgotten these applications or games from this social network. Even some online video games keep sending notifications despite we have disabled these annoying constant messages. 

Therefore, the only possible solution we have is to eliminate the problems at the root. In other words, permanently delete these games and applications from the our Facebook profile so that in this way we will never be able to see those constant messages, notifications and advertisements of the game that we once accessed.

Stay with us and we will explain to you at the bottom of the letter ed we will remove these annoying apps and games from your profile Facebook permanently step by step without any hassle or inconvenience with ease.

How can I delete the games linked to my Facebook account?

In the case of present problems and the above drawbacks and you are fed up with it, to delete this respective game you will only have to follow the following points which we will comment on. To get started, we will need to enter our Facebook account.

Once there we will have to locate ourselves in the options box which appears at the top right of the page which will have a small down arrow. Once selected, a menu of various options will appear where we will click on “Personal Settings” and then on “Settings”.

Again a menu of options will appear in which we will select the “Apps and Websites” box. Therefore we will open a list of all games a which we have ever played, which have expired and those still valid on the social network. 

For our part, you we recommend that you delete all those games that appear in the list that the system offers you, in this way we will avoid any kind of advertising or future notification again in our profile drawer. Having already done everything, we will be free from any inconvenience in this regard.

How can I delete the applications linked to my Facebook account?

If you have it same problem but with an application, do not worry. You will just have to follow the same steps above. 

Once inside the portal where we will see the list of games, we will also be presented with a list of previously used applications, we will only select them, click on the “Delete permanently” button and that's it. If the problem persists,  go to the support page.

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