How to delete hard-to-delete locked files or folders in Windows 10

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We make daily use of a lot of files, in which we have to perform certain tasks, but it turns out that stubbornness is not a bad person. Unless we can transfer it to ours file.

The truth is that we cannot use them for any reason and we must find a solution. In the following article we will teach you how to remove hard to delete locked files or folders in Windows 10.

When this incident occurs, we get this message “The action could not be completed because Word has the file open”. And no matter how hard we try to do another action with this file, will not be allowed. Since the Windows 10 operating system assumes that the file is locked in this way, any modification on it will be impossible.

It is very likely that we have a very high concept of this new operating system, but sometimes things happen that demoralize us. But if we have the clear concepts of why certain anomalies, we can fix it in seconds. We can do the same when we want to restore or restore Windows 10 from the lock screen.

How to delete hard-to-delete locked files or folders in Windows 10

Many times it just happens that the file is locked and it is not possible to delete it to unlock it we can go to the task manager. To do this we will use keyboard shortcuts and use the combination of keys Ctrl + Shift + Ex c. The administrator will open and then we just have to look for the file that has been blocked in the process tab.

So we just have to select it with the mouse, right-click and then click the Finish Now option. At this point the file will be unlocked and we can proceed with the elimination

The blocking of these files can also be performed when for some strange reason another program is using it at that moment and does not allow you to close it. And this seems to be a very recurring anomaly and there must be a remedy. And as always you are right and as always we will give you the simple solution to this problem.

Using various methods to delete locked files

To solve these complications, we will use several methods that are very easy to apply. It is the first method we will offer you to delete folders locked o files that are difficult to delete in Windows 10, it will also work for Windows 7 and 8. And for that we will use a specific tool and it is the required command.

So we go to the Command Prompt but as administrators, to do it we position ourselves on the search engine and write cmd. In the left part of the window we will see the icon DCM   and we will right click on it. Then you have to go to the bottom and choose the Run as administrator option.

This action will generate a black window in which we have to write the following cd command so that we can access the root folder. And then we will write the following declaration From the file. Extension / F / Q and in this way we will unlock the file. Now we will show you the second method we have to solve the problem.

The second method is to delete the file in test mode, for this we need to start Windows in this mode. So we will do the following, first of all we will use the keyboard shortcuts and we will press the Windows + R keys. This action will allow you to create the tool Run.

Here we have to write the following msconfig statement and then press the Enter key. This action will generate a window with several tabs to show and we will select Start. Now let's scroll down and choose the option Start sure, then we click on the Minimum option.

After that we go to the Apply option and click, then click OK and finally we will restart the PC. This method is also very effective in deleting that reluctant file to say goodbye to its creator. And so we showed you several ways to delete locked files or folders that are difficult to delete in Windows 10.

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