How to delete my DiDi account forever

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Did you know what it is and how to use it? one such application that is kind enough to offer you this kind of service in a very simple way. There are many benefits you can get from this application and others similar to this one. However, it may be the case that you want to cancel or cancel your account if you are not satisfied with the service it provides. Or simply because it is your desire to do so.

Don't worry because in this post we will be dedicated to explaining to you in a simple way what you need to do for delete your didi account forever.

Delete your DiDi account

A quick and easy way to delete the account is to uninstall the application from your mobile device. But of course this does not mean that your account has been deleted from the Didi platform, you need to perform an additional procedure before performing this step. Perhaps for some it is enough to delete the application, but for others, who want to protect their data and their identity, no. So pay attention to the next steps we will give you.

  • Before uninstalling the application, enter it so that you can start the process of deleting your account. Once you open the application, you will automatically see that the location map is loaded in full screen.
  • At the top left, locate the icon that will give you access to the Didi's main menu. This icon consists of a white circle with three black lines in the center.
  • When the menu is displayed, select the option "Configuration".
  • The first thing you see in the list is select « I Information personal ".
  • A box will be displayed that refers to all personal information registered, name and surname, email, password, social network. You have to choose the last one that says "Delete my account".

To complete this process, the Didi application will show you all the information you are about to delete. Therefore, if you confirm this selection, you will delete the following from the Didi platform:

  • Travel information.
  • Invoice and coupon information.
  • Personal information.

If you are completely sure and have decided to delete your Didi data, select the option » Elimina account». This way you will have your Didi account forever. Now what you need to do is uninstall the Didi application from your device.

Delete your account from the DiDi app

If it is the case that what you simply want to do is delete a Didi account from the application installed on your mobile device, you have to follow the following steps. It may also happen that the application experiences connection or path recognition problems. By following the instructions below you can solve the problem.

  • With the application open, select the option » Disconnect ».
  • Minimize the application and go to the menu » Settings » of your device.
  • Find the word " Applications » in the drop-down menu .
  • So, depending on the model of your mobile device, you have to select " All applications » or » Manage applications ».
  • Then all applications will appear in alphabetical order, locate "Didi".
  • Select the "Force stop" button, in this way we will completely close the application.
  • In the new drop-down list, you will see the option "Archiving", which is the option you need to select now.
  • Within this option we identify " clear cache memory «.

In this way we will delete any type of personal data from the application installed on the device. As we told you, this option is also useful when the application is failing. Now what you will need to do is launch the application and enter the details of the new DiDi account, as if you had installed the application recently.

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