How to delete my Grindr account from Facebook on Android, iPhone or PC

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Grindr is a social network for flirting between gay and bisexual men, was created in 2009 and currently already has more than 25 million users around the world, it is currently used most of all in Latin America. It works as an application for flirting and other things, many people have managed to make friends over the years as well.

Grindr it can be used in any type of electronic device, in the same way it can be connected to other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. It is an app in the style of Badoo or Tinder.

This application uses GPS to know your exact location and thus find your favorite "match", ie you can search for people very close to you, to do whatever you want with them. You can use search filters to find out what you are currently looking for, if in when you wait for the person, how you like them and where you can find them.

Through Grindr you can pass photos, videos, gifs, links, etc. There is also the Grindr Premium which pays a fee and allows you to do a lot more things, so you have more privileges than the others, as you can use more search filters, search for people, remove your GPS if you don't want it, and that kind of thing.

How to delete my Grindr account from the app?

There are people who want to delete Grindr accounts whether due to harassment or bullying, remember that if an account is deleted, all the information existing inside it is deleted, to delete the account you must perform the following steps:

  1. Open the application, you have to keep in mind that it is the yellow mask icon.
  2. This step is not for everyone, as if you have Grindr Xtra, your subscription will not be canceled if the account is deleted, so you have to cancel your subscription before.
  3. Look for your account options on the gear icon.
  4. Click the option to deactivate or delete the account.
  5. A message will appear telling you if you want to confirm the process, click on confirm and that's it.

How can I delete the Android application?

  1. You have to hold down the Grindr icon until the phone screen moves.
  2. Move it to the X or click the X where the icon above will appear.
  3. Click on confirm and that's it.

How to delete Grindr Xtra on Android?

  1. Apri Play Store.
  2. Click on the menu.
  3. It will appear in one of the options, the subscription option.
  4. Find the application to unsubscribe.
  5. Click on the application, then click on «cancel subscription», then confirm.

How to delete my Grindr account from Facebook?

We may make your Facebook account private so your friends don't know you're using Grindr. We need to link the Grindr account with Facebook to have this option, if it is not connected we will not be able to perform any of the steps to show:

  1. Log into Facebook.
  2. Go to Facebook settings.
  3. When all the options appear, look for the one that says "apps and websites".
  4. You will be able to see all applications connected to Facebook, look for the Grindr application.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. A window will appear and it will ask you if you want to delete the Grindr account, click Delete and that's it. It may ask you for your Facebook password.

We need to know that when you delete the account via Facebook , all the Mi likes that we have given to the page will be deleted, as well as all information within the account and your phone will be deleted.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Grindr account

Like all applications and everything in the world, there are good things and bad things to consider before creating a social network account:


  • It is the ideal option for men who have not yet declared themselves gay.
  • There are profiles for all tastes.
  • Could be contacted immediately.
  • If what you want is a moment and now, this is your ideal option.


  • Other people may know your current location, this is used against many users.
  • It is possible to create fake accounts.
  • There is no way to avoid offensive language.
  • There are people who use this medium to sell drugs.
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