How to delete my Latinamericancupid account | Step by step guide

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In addition, we will also comment on the requirements that you will need to proceed with the cancellation of your account, the methods that Latinamericancupid makes available to you and, of course, the period of time for the definitive cancellation of your account.

Can my Latinamericancupid account be canceled if I stop using it?

To deactivate or delete an account in Latinamericancupid, you have to go through the procedure yourself. Your account will not be deactivated for not being logged in for a long time.

What are the requirements I need to consider before deleting Latinamericancupid?

In order to successfully delete your account, you must keep in mind that you cannot forget your login details. You must log in to be able to delete the account from the settings website , then you will need your email and password

You also have to be sure to deactivate your account, as people will not be able to communicate with you in this way, because your profile will not appear to them.

Finally, you have to justify why you are deactivating your account, both because you have found the right person and are no longer interested in finding a partner, and for other reasons.

What methods are there to delete my Latinamericancupid account?

The appointments page offers you just a very simple method in case you want to delete or deactivate your account in Latinamericancupid, and you have to do it on their website following a series of steps.

Sito Web Latinamericancupid

To deactivate your Latinamericancupid account, you need to search for its website in your browser. After clicking on the link and entering the platform, the "enter" option will appear in the upper right corner and you must click.

Then, write the email with which you registered, the password and click on «Sign in». A dice icon will appear at the top of the page, indicating it's settings. By clicking on the icon, the option " Profile settings ".

By clicking on this option, at the bottom you will see the section to deactivate the profile and the underlined word it says «Click here» where you have to click. When you do this, a form type will appear where you need to indicate the subject and the reason why you deactivated your account. Once you have selected the reasons, click on «send».

Another form will appear where you need to indicate the reasons why you want to deactivate your account. Note that this step is optional.

To complete the procedure, another page will be displayed where you can enter the password twice and once typed, proceed to press the option » Deactivate subscription «.

In case of permanent cancellation of your account, close your profile by filling in the forms with the specific reason. If you want to re-enter you have to create another account.

How long will it take to reactivate my account if I delete it?

Unlike other dating sites that set a period of time in which you can reactivate your account and enjoy its features, this is not the case with Latinamericancupid. You can reactivate your account whenever you want. You just have to log into the account normally with your old data, that is, your login email and password.

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