How to delete objects or people from a photo on Android | Tap the retouching app

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What is the Touch Retouch app?

Well, imagine this scene: you are in a wonderful place with your best friends, with your family, with the love of your life, with your pet, or better yet with everyone together, in a wonderful place.

What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Exactly, take a picture of group to capture that moment; but there is a detail, and it is that people do not stop passing in front of the group; and of course, you don't want them to appear.

In any case, they can't let that moment pass, they take the picture, but don't worry, because with Touch Retouch you can delete any people or objects you don't want to have in your photos.

How to delete objects or people with the Touch Retouch app on Android

Previously, you had to see a full tutorial or take courses in Photoshop to be able to do this job; But now it is very easy to delete or remove objects and people from a photo on Android. And while the Touch app is only in English, it's not complicated to use; The first thing is to have the photograph you want to edit in your gallery mobile.

The first button you get from left to right removes objects; It's as easy as selecting it and pressing that button to delete it, and the application helps you, because if the object you want to delete is very small, you can zoom in that area to eliminate it more precisely.

Or if you just don't want to remove an object or person, but you want to adapt the background of the image (for example, that the wall that served as the background is a little deteriorated in the paint or has a pattern that you do not like).

Well, this amazing app can also edit the photo like that; You can do it all with a brush that comes with the application, you can add color or decrease it.

Now making the perfect photograph is possible, it's just a matter of taking a few minutes and creativeness to get the final result you want.

Do not give up if the first time does not go out, remember that practice is what makes perfect; A tip that can help you is to keep in mind that the larger the object or space occupied by the person you want to delete, the more difficult it will be to delete it. You can even create a portrait mode effect with your Android camera and leave it there photos with a professional touch.

The same company as retouch gives you a good summary of the things you can do with the application. And the magic, as they say, that can be done to photographs.

You can remove visually disturbing objects such as street lamps or garbage cans; or some cables that make the image lose its beauty; Or maybe you no longer want a person to appear in your memories and can remove that person with one click.

In addition, it has very easy to follow tutorials, in which they explain each process step by step so that you have the best experience with the application; Don't wait any longer, go on Play strore and download it to your mobile device, so you can find out how to get great pictures.

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