How to delete or block a person or account in the Twoo app

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In recent years there has been an exponential growth in the search for partners through social networks, transforming it into a business on a technological level. From here, creating applications that are completely aimed at people who download them with the intention of meeting someone online is promoted.

On this occasion we will talk about one of these applications; Twoo was born to offer to its users the willingness to meet people and find a partner faster. Twoo currently has around 18 million users and has been available in around 200 countries since 2011, when it was created.

In analogy with other social networks, what Twoo allows is, to be able have private chats with people and at the same time being able to have their profiles and interests to be able to make friends, also the possibility of making live broadcasts and sharing among them.

How does Twoo work and what does it offer?

To start using this application and benefit from its services, you need to create an account or user so that other people can find you. To do this, you need to create a profile with your preferences and that is presentable with your main data, so that it is attractive to others.

It is a fairly simple application to use, having your account you can start looking for people and be able to rate their profile, in which case you can write them private messages. Likewise, too other people will be able to find your profile and if you generate interest, they will send you SMS messages to which you can reply to get to know you.

The Twoo application is generally used by people from their website; however, i its developers have provided the mobile application in so that you can use it from your mobile device. Now, in case you want to delete an account or user in Twoo, you can do that too and here we will explain how easily.

How to block or delete someone else's account on Twoo?

Blocking an account is always a quick and easy process, so here we will explain in a few steps what you should do. As a first step, log into the Twoo application, and at the beginning, at the top, the cloud of all your chats appears.

Once there, select the chat of the person you want to block and in the one that opens, select the three points that are in one of the upper corners. Immediately a new small window will appear with several options, including the one to block it and press it, the existing chat and that contact will disappear automatically.

In case you don't have a chat with the person you want to block, there is also a way to find it from the "views" option, the bell icon. There you will be able to see the "I like" and «Views» which is the option you will select, thus finding all the people who have visited your profile.

To continue with the blocking step, select the person you want to block so that their full profile opens. Once present in the profile from a device, presses on a flag icon, where you will find the option to block that person who will disappear immediately.

Main features of Twoo according to the opinions of its users

If we want to talk positively about Twoo, we can say that it is not an under-appreciated application; rather, it has millions of generally active users. What makes it so is that has a free chat which you can start using as soon as you create an account on Twoo.

In addition, this application has a location-based search service you provide, so that you can find people who live nearby and meet them personally when they want. Furthermore, it is an application available for any device and you can still access it through its website.

Of course, not all things are always rosy, so this app also has its negative points. What its users comment the most is that it doesn't have many options available and it's a bit insecure because anyone can create a fake profile to deceive others.

Precisely, this app has a hard time filtering messages and anyone can send you a message disrespectful, this could be a trigger for many people who decide to cancel or delete their account in Twoo.

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