How to delete or cancel a Job Today account? - Step by step guide

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While being able to find employment for a long time was a difficult and daunting task, it changed to lighten the load a little. While it is still a task where the person has to be alert to new changes and existing job vacancies, the fact that we can search for them online makes it much easier.

From the comfort of your home, you can search for work on a large number of different pages and apps. There are all kinds of pages to choose from, many with thousands of new jobs added every day, for anyone looking for a new job, like Linkedln.

In fact, most of these vacancies are based on a particular profile. And, if you respect this or others, you can open an account, log in, upload your own curriculum vitae and to be able to carry out all the applications you need to the different job offers and then hope for the best.

And that's what he is dedicated to Job Today. A website and a job app that relies on the ability to give small businesses or businesses the opportunity to search for employees; as well as giving these employees a tool through which they can find their dream job.

Closing your Job Today account for candidates

Although Job Today can be a really good page or applications, since they are totally free ; You may find yourself with the scenario where you don't want to keep using this application.

While it's not entirely recommended, as you can always come back for more, you have a couple of ways to deactivate the account if you are a job seeker: temporary deactivation and permanent deactivation (or permanent cancellation as Job Today calls it).

To perform a temporary deactivation, you need to do the following on your computer:

  1. Enter and access the official Job Today page.
  2. After entering correctly, you need to go to the tab that says My CV.
  3. Here you will see several options, but you need to click on the one that says What's your availability?
  4. Once inside, you have to go to the option that says “I am not available for new jobs now”, in order to log out as an inactive user and then you have to save the changes.

It really is a very simple thing to do, as this will prevent your profile from being displayed. But if you want to do it from the app it's even simpler. See how:

  1. Enter the application and then enter your profile.
  2. Here you will see the Edit button, so enter it.
  3. You just have to enter the La tab my availabilityjust like in the previous step by step and put that you are not available for new jobs.
  4. Finally save the changes you made.

Please note that if you wish to permanently deactivate your account, you must write to support, as this is not something you can do on your own.

What if they are a company or a business?

If you are a company that has posted ads on Job Today but now you want to deactivate the account, it's something a little more complicated than being a candidate.

In case of temporary deactivation, this can be done by stopping the payment of your subscription, which you can do through the App Store or the Google Play Store if you did it via the app. But, if you want to deactivate your corporate account forever, you have to write to support.

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