How to delete or clear YouTube watch history

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Interactive applications tend to save different types of information in order to ensure a better experience in terms of the content they offer you. Youtube generally keeps a history of all the videos you have played, even the ones you watched the first time you logged into your account.

Each of the videos and searches you have done serve to show you similar content that may be to your liking. However, many people are looking for a way to delete the history of Youtube. This is so that the suggestions adapt to new searches that are made.

How to clear YouTube history

If you want to delete specific videos from the YouTube playback history, you just need to follow the following steps.

  • If you are inside the mobile application, you just need to access the Youtube tab, which you can recognize by the red and white color.
  • Once inside the app, go to the bottom bar of the app, where you can find a tab with the name " chronology "
  • There you can see all the videos you have seen. Select the video you want to delete and press the three dots option. There, several options will open up for you and at the end you will find a tab that says " remove ”When you press it, you will only delete the video you selected, to delete all your YouTube history, read on
  • At the top of your history list you need to spot a button that has three gray buttons. Pressing it will open a series of options in which you need to select " Delete from history ".

And voila, this will open a dialog box warning you that the option you just selected is irreversible, to which you just have to select the option " accepts ".

With this, all the playback history of your YouTube application will come automatically deleted and effectively. This is an option that you can use at any time, without any limit and that will help you both in the mobile application and on the YouTube website.

How to prevent YouTube from saving history again

If the above seems a little annoying to you or, conversely, you don't want anything to be saved, there is a way you can prevent the history from being archived by the application. Here we will show you how:

  • The first thing to do is to enter in the YouTube app and access the settings panel
  • There you will see several options, including "Playback history" when you press it, the button "pause playback history" will appear when you press it again, a warning will appear, that you just need to press "accept"

And voila, you no longer have to worry about whether the application saves the videos you have seen or not. Knowing how to manage this option is important, as it is increasingly necessary for users to be in full control of their personal information and privacy.

Also, applications such as YouTube, collect information on their use and research, to provide their users with better forecasts of content compatible with others that the system will automatically send to immediate reproductions.

However, this option is irreversible, so you need to be very sure that you want to completely delete the information stored there.

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