How to delete or temporarily disable a Kik Messenger account?

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Or, you may be a parent concerned about your child's well-being and believe the app poses a potential risk to them; Watching and taking care of our children is a daily task and if in your case your child also has a Facebook account, you can also monitor them without them noticing.

Whatever the reason, Kik Messenger offre due alternative to complete this action, suspend an account or permanently delete it.

First, verify the email

We will not be able to complete either process to delete a Kik Messenger account if we have not previously verified the email associated with it.

For this reason it is important that the email address we used is still valid and that we can access it regularly, on the contrary, if it is a little used account, which you cannot access, you must find a way to recover your I know account formerly Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo

If this is no longer the same as indicated in the application, or if you no longer have access, you can change it.

For this, you will have to click on the section » Mail »Or» E-mail »And type in the new address you wish to connect to. Then, you have to click on » Save «.

Finally, you must go to your e-mail account and open the message that Kik sent, through which you will confirm the profile and you can proceed with the deactivation or cancellation of a Kik Messenger account.


Steps to suspend my account

Deactivate an account on Kik Messenger it means that you will not receive messages of any kind or email from this service. You will no longer appear in the contact list of whoever added you, and you will also not be able to be searched for by your username.

But, being a temporary setup, your account can be reactivated when you log in. And, to get suspended, you just need to follow the steps described below.

First, you will need to enter a special link for this adjustment, you can easily do this by clicking here. In this window you will see a field where you will have to write the email associated with the account and then press » vai «.

As a result, you will receive a message to the email address you provided. You'll have to open it and look down until you find a button that says " disable «.

By pressing it, the account will be suspended. But first, you will see a small survey on the reasons for your choice. Answering is optional.

I want to delete a permanent Kik Messenger account, what do I do?

So that you can delete a Kik Messenger account permanently, you can see a form that you need to fill in with your profile data to deactivate. These are the " Username »Or the name of the profile and the» E-mail «.

In addition to this, another field that must be answered is the reason why you are leaving the service. Whereas there is also a section for any information you wish to add, but this is optional.

So, you have to mark the box or box di control where you make sure you understand that you will completely delete the account and that you will not be able to log back in or reactivate it.

Fill out this form by clicking on the green button » vai «, Which will send a message to your e-mail.

That way, you should review it. Well, this is a warning of the procedure first started and through which you will complete the elimination.

In the email, you'll have a button or link that says " Permanently deactivate «, You have to press it to complete the process of deleting the Kik profile.

Please note that you will no longer be able to log into this platform's account. And, if you want to come back, you need to create a new profile with a different email.

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