How to delete or unsubscribe from Google Hangouts

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But what happens, when for some reason I want to stop being part of this application. That is why we present the following tutorial which will let you know  how to delete or unsubscribe from a Google Hangouts account.

With Google Hangouts you can do this very simply and easily from any mobile device. For personal computers or laptops it is not possible delete this account. You can only uninstall the application from your computer and this way you will no longer have this application.

How to delete or unsubscribe from Google Hangouts

There is a lot of confusion as to whether this Google Hangouts account whether or not it is an account as such. But the truth is that you have a Google account and you use the different services that the platform offers you. These can be Gmail. Picassa, Drive, Google Plus and Hangouts itself.

If you are using the application on a personal computer or laptop, this is not possible delete or unsubscribe from a Google Hangouts account. But it should be enough to uninstall this application on your computer, when your contacts want to locate you, it will always seem that you are offline.

In case you want to delete or unsubscribe from a Google Hangouts account, via a mobile device. The thing is a bit simpler, since the application allows you to remove an account in an easier way via the iOS and Android systems. Next we will show you the steps you need to follow for each device.

How to delete Google Hangouts account on Android

To   delete or unsubscribe from a Google Hangouts account, on a device running the Android operating system, you need to follow the instructions below. First you need to go to the application, when you are there you will go to the top left where the three horizontal lines icon is.

When you find it, you have to press on this icon, after doing that, you will go to press the arrow icon pointing down. You will find it next to your account, when you do, several options will appear and you will choose Manage Account. Press and then select the option Google and finally select your Google account.

Now you will go to the top and select the More option, press and then on the Remove account option. If you follow the steps we have explained, you will be able to delete the Hangouts account from your Android device. We are now going to list what actions you need to take to delete your sui account iOS devices.

How to delete Hangouts account on iOS

delete or delete a Google Hangouts account on devices running iOS operating systems, we'll do the same. First open the application from your computer, then go to the top left and press the three-line icon to enter the menu.

Now press on the arrow icon that points down and is next to yours account Hangouts. Now you need to click on the Manage Account option, at the top right you will find a pencil icon. This option needs to be changed, so in the account you want to delete you need to click Withdraw.

And finally, go to the tick icon located at the top right and press, like this the your account Google Hangouts will have been deleted or terminated. And these are the simple steps you need to perform on the different devices you can rely on.

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