How to delete photo albums uploaded to Facebook from my mobile

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It is not news that every now and then, especially if your account is old, we go through all the photos we upload and find old albums that we may not want to have anymore. It may be that you don't like the photos or they are of moments that you no longer want to relive in any way.

Luckily learn how to delete photo albums uploaded to Facebook from my mobile and from any type of computer it is really a very simple process and in a few minutes you will be able to delete all the photos and albums you want.

How to delete Facebook photos from my mobile

Although for many it may seem obvious. The only photos you can delete are the ones you upload yourself. It doesn't matter if you are tagged in a photo, if someone else uploaded it. The only way to remove it is to ask that person to do it.

In case you want to delete a photo that you have uploaded, it is a very simple process. What you should do is open the photo in question. Press on the three vertical points located in the upper right area of ​​it.

Next, you will see that of all the options that appear in the small pop-up window, one of them says " Delete photos “, Simply click on the option and confirm to permanently delete the photo from the social network.

It is quite easy delete a photo from Facebook? Deleting an album from the social network is just as simple as with a few minutes you can delete as many as you want. You just have to follow the steps we will discuss below.

How to delete Facebook albums from my mobile

  • The first thing you will need to do is go directly to your profile. Once you are here you will have to go to the section " Gallery ”And start searching for the albums you want to delete.
  • Once you have identified this album, all you have to do is insert it and you will see that you have an option " Menu ”In the upper right corner in the Facebook app and in the lower left corner in Facebook Lite.
  • Pressing on this option opens a pop-up window which has only two options: edit and delete. When you click on the latter, a warning appears asking if you are sure you want to delete the album. Confirm and go.

How to delete a Facebook album from a computer

  • The first thing we will do is enter our profile by clicking on our name and the photo icon that appears at the top next to the search bar.
  • Once in our profile we will go to the form " Gallery ”Which can be found under the cover photo.
  • Now at the bottom you will see three tabs " Photo in which you appear ", "The your photos " is " Album ". Click on the latter option.
  • Select the album you want to delete and open it.
  • Once opened you will see that you have " Highlight in profile "," Modification ”And a gear icon. If you click on this icon, a small menu appears.
  • Among the options that appear in the menu you will see that the last one says " Delete album ".
  • Select this option, confirm that you really want to delete it, and that's it.

In this simple way I can delete photo albums uploaded to Facebook from my mobile phone and a computer. It is a very simple and above all fast process.

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