How to delete, remove or remove access to my private photos on Badoo

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A few years after its creation, for the year 2011, it is been included in the list of the 60 most used applications in the world. Especially some countries in Europe and Latin America have positioned it as one of the fastest growing countries.

It was founded with the vision that through it it is possible meet people from all over the world and then make friends or find a partner to start a romantic relationship with. This is why some media have classified it as a chat room dating site.

Posting your photos or videos on your user profile on this social network is the main means by which other people will want to contact you to get to know you better and establish a friendship or courtship on the web.

So, if your intention is to have friends anywhere in the world or find a partner, then this social network is an option you can try. Start by registering on Badoo and start your experience by joining the millions of users of this application.

How to use Badoo?

The first thing you should do to put Badoo to good use is create your photo profile, which is the first impression users will have of you. This will give you the opportunity to start chatting and flirting quickly.

In Badoo you have the possibility to create your profile and when you want you can add and upload more photos to it. This gives you the opportunity to expand your chances of meeting a future friend or partner.

An important thing to know is that Badoo takes your position into account to give you the ability to contact people who live near where you live. That's why you need to be careful when entering these profile details on the platform.

Once you contact someone and start chatting with them, you can give them the ability to access your private photo album as the relationship progresses. This person will be able to see your photos posted on your profile and those that you will post in the future.

The fact that you can be in control or determine who or who can have access to your private photos is a big plus. As the name suggests, they are private, they are yours and only you have the right to decide who sees them and who doesn't on Badoo. How can you control access to your private photos? That's how.

How do I remove access to my private photos on Badoo?

If at any point you have given someone the opportunity to view your private photos and now for some reason you don't want them to continue doing so, you can remove access to them. Even the photos you post later. There are several options for doing this.

One of these is prevent that user from access your private photo profile. To do this, locate the request that the person made in the chat to access your private photo album and between the two options that appear in the box, press Deny.

With this, that person will not have access to your private photo album and the system will let them know via a message that will appear in the dialog box. Another way to do this is to go to the option Settings in your profile window and from the possibilities that will appear, choose Access to your private photos.

Then you will see the photos of users who have access to your private photos. Select who or to whom you will deny them and press the Delete button and with this you eliminate their access. We hope this post will be useful to you when using Badoo.

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