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Although photo editors for Android have evolved a lot in recent years through new useful features and tools, some believe that they are still not up to par with PC editors due to the lack of some features. One of these is that of erase the backgrounds of the images.

But the reality is that on Android there are ways to erase the background of a photo via image editor. And most importantly, it is a process extremely simple, fast and free.

To do this we will use a tool that has become increasingly popular in recent months. It is about, whose main function is remove the backgrounds of our images free for us to download transparent PNGs.

Removing the background of a photo on Android is possible, free and very simple.

What is

It sounds like magic, but it's actually artificial intelligence. is a web tool, whose main function is that of remove the background from our images, totally automatically, without watermark and for free.

Unlike other tools of this type, like the for function remove the background in Photoshop, there is no need to select layers, mark the background, or separate the different elements of the photo. Enough upload your image and will remove the background. Finally, you just have to download it to your mobile.

According to its creators, its operation is as follows: when you upload a photo, one sophisticated technology based on artificial intelligence detects the layer of the foreground object or subject and separates it from the background.

Through algorithms, it is guaranteed that it is tool is able to preserve even the finest details of the image before removing its background. is an online tool, so you will need to be connected to the internet to use it. Furthermore, while having an android app that allows you to remove the background, the web tool can also be accessed via any device using a web browser.

How to use to remove background from images

We have already seen what is and how it works. Now is the time to learn how to use the application for remove the background from an image. It is worth mentioning that this tool serves both a remove the white background from the typical images downloaded from the Internet, and to remove other types of more complex backgrounds.

That said, the first step will be download the app. It's available for free in the Google Play Store and is compatible with any mobile phone as long as it has an Android version equal to or higher than Android 5.0.

After installing the app on your mobile - or after logging in to from the web -, you will see a page that invites you to upload a photo. You have to tap the blue button, then choose an image from your gallery.

Wait for the process to removing the background from the image either finished and finally you can download your image without background and, especially, without watermark, unlike other such tools that exist on the Internet.

Keep in mind that you can only download the image with a lower resolution than the original, as downloading photos without a background at the highest resolution and size requires a paid subscription.

On the other hand, it's worth noting that, in case the background detection isn't quite accurate, it's possible recover or remove parts of the background of an image manually thanks to the integrated editing tool.

This same tool also allows you to change the background of photos for free, without having to resort to Photoshop or other more advanced mobile photography apps like Pixlr, one of the most famous editors. Everything, automatically and extremely simple.

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