How to delete your HouseParty account from your Android

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Coronavirus has sparked excessive interest in applications for making group video calls. Among these there is one that stands out above all: Houseparty, an app that allows you to connect with other users via video call without having to give the phone number. Furthermore, features minigames that make conversations of group even more fun.

Everything was a success for Houseparty during the coronavirus crisis, downloads were multiplying as well as new users. However, the situation changed when thousands of users started reporting that their data had been breached, a security flaw that compromised their accounts of other digital services like Neftlix.

Despite the platform denying data theft, Houseparty's security is already in serious doubt, which has led to massive account deletion. If you are one of those users who prefers to guarantee their privacy by deleting their account, we explain how you can do it from your mobile.

How to delete your Houseparty account from your Android

Deleting your Houseparty account should be something simple, like in the rest of the social platforms. However, the app only has this feature built into its iOS version (Settings> Privacy> Delete account). If you want to delete your Houseparty account from your Android mobile or tablet, you will need to follow some more complicated steps.

While the platform has ensured that it has not experienced any security breaches in the past few days, you may prefer to delete your account so that your personal data is not threatened. If you want to do it from Android, you have to send an email with your details to HouseParty. Step by step, we explain how to do it.

1º- Enter the mail app you usually use and click on the + button to start write a new message.

2º- Write the recipient, who must be “ ”.

3º- Fill in the Subject section, where you need to enter something like "Request to delete my Houseparty account".

4 ° - Finally, in the message you have to write the data requested by Houseparty to cancel your account. Are the following:

  • Name and surname.
  • Email address.
  • Username on Houseparty.
  • Phone number you registered with.

5º- After verifying that you have entered all the data correctly, send the message. Houseparty will contact you to confirm that your account has been deleted from the platform.

While the Houseparty app for iOS has a built-in feature that makes it easy to delete the account, users with Android must make the request to the company via email. While one method is simpler and faster than the other, they both serve the same purpose as delete your Houseparty account.

Once you've done that, you might ask yourself a clear question: Which app can you use for group video calling now that you don't have Houseparty? Google Duo, Zoom, Skype and even WhatsApp, which these days has multiplied its usual traffic, offer good applications to make those audio and video calls with which you stay in touch with your loved ones.

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