How to disable autoplay of Facebook videos?

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But that situation doesn't have to continue to be a problem, as Facebook has a very simple solution to this problem; In this post we will show you how to disable auto play of facebook videos? and thus you will prevent them from continuing to annoy you when you check your Facebook profile.

Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the largest and most famous social networks currently in existence. Normally this social network is very similar to Instagram since it allows us to upload high quality photos to share them with our contacts. However, it also has a large number of features.

How to disable auto play of Facebook videos from PC?

If you are one of those who prefer to use Facebook from a Roku device or from your computer, you can disable the automatic playback videos very easily; Here we will explain how to do this in the new Facebook version and also how to disable this feature in the classic version.

New version of Facebook

  1. First you need to log into Facebook by entering your phone number or your email and password.
  2. After logging into your account, go to the top right corner and click on drop down menu this option is represented by a down arrow.
  3. When a menu appears, select "Settings and privacy".
  4. A submenu will immediately appear in which you need to select "Configuration".
  5. On the new page you will see a side menu on the left side of the screen, find and select the option "Video".
  6. The “Video Settings” section will appear on the screen, look for the “Play video automatically” option on the right side of that option, there is a drop down menu, click there.
  7. When this menu appears, you will see three alternatives select "Disabled".
  8. Autoplay of videos has been disabled successfully; But if you use the Facebook application on your mobile, you have to disable this option from the application because these steps only apply to the Facebook website.

Classic version of Facebook

  1. After creating your Facebook account from your PC, log into your Facebook account as you normally do.
  2. After logging into your profile, go to the top right corner and click on the icon of a arrow facing down.
  3. When the menu is displayed, select "Settings".
  4. Immediately a side menu will appear on the screen on the left side; Look for the option "Video" and click that option.
  5. You will see the “Video configuration” section on the screen; Look for the option "Play video automatically" and on the right side there is a drop down menu, click that menu.
  6. When that menu is displayed you will see three alternatives "Default", "Enabled" and "Disabled"; to select "Off" to prevent the automatic video playback.

If you use Facebook from your Android or iPhone device, you need to disable autoplay from the application, because these steps only apply to the web version of Facebook.

Steps to disable autoplay of Facebook videos from mobile device (Android or iPhone)

When scrolling through your Facebook profile you may notice that videos are played automatically, which can consume a lot of mobile data, so it is advisable to disable autoplay to avoid excessive consumption of your data plan.

  1. Open your Facebook Lite application and enter with the usual data.
  2. Once inside your profile, click on the icon with three horizontal stripes located in the upper right corner.
  3. When the menu is displayed, select the option "Configuration"
  4. In the "Settings" window you will see a number of alternatives; Look for the section "Media and contacts".
  5. In this section select "Automatic video playback".
  6. You will see three options “On” (videos will be played automatically if you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data); “Wi-Fi only” (videos will be played only when connected to Wi-Fi) or "Never play automatic videos" (Videos will not play automatically, they will only play if you select it).
  7. Choose the option that suits you best.

Once you disable the automatic playback of videos, both from Facebook Web that from Facebook Lite, you will only be able to play those videos that interest you; now if you can have fun checking your Facebook profile because you won't have any problems with annoying videos that don't interest you.

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