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However, and although it is a way to communicate with Facebook friends, we don't always want to be in the chat. So, to solve this problem, Facebook has a button that allows you to deactivate the focus and also allows you to deactivate chat to specific people. In this way they will not notice that we are connected and we will not feel the need or the obligation to respond and you will not even have to disconnect from Facebook Messenger.

But surely you are wondering, how can i disable chat for a specific person? Fortunately this is done through a very simple process, it is best not to need to use any other programs or tools, because Facebook includes this option.

Steps to disable chat for a person on Facebook

If you want to deactivate the chat to a person, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Log into your Facebook account from the web or in the app
  • As soon as you are on the home page, you should go to the right side and search for Chat.
  • Then, press the option item located in the lower right corner. At the end of the chats.
  • After that, a menu with several alternatives is displayed.
  • Search select where it says Disable active state
  • Once you've done this, you get three alternatives to turn off chat. Which ones are they
    • Disable active status for all contacts (With this option you can disable chat for all your contacts)
    • Turn off focus for all contacts except (you can turn off chat for all contacts and select the ones where you want focus to appear)
    • Deactivate the active status only for some contacts (Here you can choose the specific person with whom you want to deactivate the chat)
  • After knowing the options, you can mark the third one, that is Turn off focus for some contacts only
  • Add the name of the user you want to disable chat from
  • Finally, do click su OK

It is important to note that likewise this contact will be able to send you messages, but their active status is not displayed. That way he won't notice that you have disabled it.

Another advantage of selecting this option is that the user whose chat you deactivated will not notice. This way you can avoid having a conversation with this person and you will not have any problems, as they will not receive a notification indicating that you have used this alternative. But that's not all, because in addition you can reactivate the chat of this person whenever you want, without me knowing.

On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that this option can be performed by the computer or any other device. The procedure is the same for any team.

What happens when I deactivate the active mode for a user on Facebook?

Surely, now you are wondering what happens when I turn off active mode to one of my contacts? Fortunately, when you opt for this alternative, other users won't notice that you did. Since the your account looks like simply idle, that is, you are not online. However, you can receive or send messages to this person (if you wish)

Best of all, you'll continue to connect and browse your own account Facebook, without other users knowing. You can also talk to other people without any problems.

Finally, we hope this post helped you. However, we would like to hear from you Were you able to deactivate the chat on your Facebook account? Do you think this option is important or do you prefer to disable it directly in Facebook Messenger? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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