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Others find it belittles the power or just seems faster to do their research in the traditional way. Others just want to clean up their windows and only use what they actually use, so this wizard isn't a good option.

Therefore, if you don't like this application, here you will see how to disable this feature and thus free up and optimize your computer's memory. There are many ways to get rid of it, however here we show you a very simple way to do it, which at the same time you can reverse whenever you want. Also, this method works for all versions of the Windows 10 in which it appears.

How to hide Cortana's search bar?

Cortana's search bar it usually appears next to the Windows key on the desktop toolbar. It appears with a magnifying glass icon if it is not already configured, or with a white circle if it is already configured.

hide "Cortana" from the desktop, you just need to right-click on the toolbar, which will open a list of applications and “Cortana” will appear. You have to place the pointer there and an options tab will open from which you will choose “Hidden” and voila! "Cortana" will no longer be visible.

However, you haven't deactivated the application yet, you just hid it, so you need to follow the steps below to disable its functions.

How to disable Cortana's features?

To completely disable the Cortana functions you have to click on the Windows icon and write the word " Settings “, Enter and write“ Cortana ”. A series of options will appear and choose “Manage what Cortana can do, see and use”. When you do this, the system will take you to a window where you will see:

  • Talk to Cortana
  • Permissions and history
  • Cortana on my devices
  • More details

When you click on each of these items, you will see a series of buttons that show whether or not different functions of the application are active. You have to check well so that you don't skip any, the first thing you will see is "Permissions and history", there you will disable the following:

  • Safe search
  • Cloud search
  • Activity history
  • My device history and at the same time delete said history
  • Search history

So go on "Talk to Cortana" and deactivate:

  • Hi Cortana
  • Keyboard shortcut
  • Screen lock

And finally click "Cortana on my devices" to disable:

  • Receive phone notifications on this device
  • Help me pick up where I left off on other devices
  • Get tips from the list

The “More Details” tab is not needed for viewing as there are no buttons that you need to disable, having disabled the above, you shouldn't do anything here.

Can I reactivate the “Cortana” functions?

This will disable Cortana's various features, unless some of you want to keep using them. For example, if you want to continue using Cortana on another device that you have synced, you will leave the buttons active in " Cortana on my devices ". But if your goal is to disable absolutely everything, you will start disabling all functions of the application.

Follow the instructions that we offer you step by step to disable the functions of the Cortana application on your own Windows 10. A helpful tip is to follow the steps as you read this article.

If for some reason later you want to activate Cortana, you will simply perform the same steps mentioned only this time you will activate all functions. Remember that with this method you will not permanently delete the application, you will only deactivate it.

For many, "Cortana" represents the future in interacting with computers, for others it is a waste of resources and is only an ornamental function. However, in the future it will be known if virtual assistants are really necessary, for now you can choose whether to use them or not.

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