How to disable Google results from AMP sites on an Android or iOS device

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All of this design is special for mobile devices, as it can only be done by one Android or iOS mobile phone. However, some negatives like the inability to share the pagina AMP content, make this alternative somewhat limited.

For this and other reasons there is the possibility of deactivating i results of Google from AMP sites and therefore to access websites that do not use this functionality.

Disable Google results from AMP sites on an Android or iOS device

Unfortunately, there is no specific option to disable this web browser technology, as search results depend from the Google search engine. However, that's not to say there isn't a solution to get around this technology.

What you should do is use a search engine that doesn't have the AMP technology, thus receiving the search results of the original page and not of the pagina AMP. You can use the same browser, using a modified search mode in a simple way.

The first thing to do is to access the browser from your mobile device and make sure it supports the AMP technology. As soon as the browser is open, this web address should be entered in the Search URL box:

Once this is done and done, it will be possible to notice that in the search engine results there will be websites without AMP da Android or iOS devices. In case you don't want to enter the URL every time you want to have these results, you have to change the default search engine in the navigation of your mobile device.

This might be a bit limited for iOS Safari browsers, but this setting can be provided in Google Chrome. It should be understood that this is not the same tool used to remove suggestions from the Google search bar, because with the latter, the websites with AMP they will continue to be found .

In this case, you just have to open the app and go to the browser options menu, then selecting the section Settings. With this, you will have a new window where you will click on the option called Search engine.

Therefore, a list of search engines will be displayed, with at the bottom as the newly installed search engine. Selecting this default search engine will always show original content without any AMP version.

In order for this to be possible and the URL to appear in the options, it was necessary to visit it previously, having a safe look on your Android or iOS device.

Benefits of disabling Google results for AMP sites on an Android or iOS device

By deactivating the search for these results, you have more complete and pure information about what the website has. In some cases, when it comes to pages that have independent authors, it will be possible to know who they are and who date of publication of the content.

This alternative is simple to perform, without having to switch to the Android or iOS platform for a specific setup. Only by having the device, you can make this change, taking a short time and without installing any other programs for that.

This all works as long as the google search, so you need to be clear if you want to do it in a predetermined way. If you don't have it, you don't need to go to the Settings of browser to have this alternative as the default.

You can instead use other Google tools such as OK Google, being a good assistant available at any time on the mobile device . This greatly reduces the need for the search engine at all times, using only the voice for activate this search assistant.

This and other search options can be provided by the mobile device, being different from the PC. Well, as is well known, in the case of AMP technology, is only available for Android and iOS.

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