How to disable notifications of open and available WiFi networks on Android

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It is a very simple procedure to perform and it will take you a few minutes to set up your device. Remember that it is reversible, therefore you can go back to previous settings at any time by doing the same process.

Do you have your mobile device close at hand? Let's see how to do it

How to disable notifications of open Wi-Fi networks on Android in a few steps

We will start customizing our Android device from the settings. To do this, click on the gear icon.

Once inside, we will click on the Wifi section. Another way to access the Wi-Fi menu directly is from the quick access buttons on the toolbar that appears if we swipe down on the device's home screen.

Once inside the Wifi section, we will click on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. From there you have to select Advanced Wifi to see the configuration preferences.

The first section is the one that interests us: Wifi notifications. To turn it off, you just have to slide the switch to the left, so that its blue color changes from blue to gray.

In this way you will no longer receive notifications from open Wi-Fi networks.

Are open Wi-Fi networks safe?

Almost everything happens on the internet today, so most applications on your device require an internet connection to function normally.

While it is true that open Wi-Fi networks are extremely practical if we need to an Internet connection is not always secure, therefore it may damage or prevent the normal functioning of your device.

Not to mention that many of the Wi-Fi networks listed as "open" will ask you to enter with username and / or password, so in these cases the notifications of open Wi-Fi networks would not be really useful. With this in mind, it is not unreasonable to conclude that some places are very dangerous to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Another important recommendation that you should keep in mind is that if you always keep the Wi-Fi antenna on your mobile device on, its battery will drain much faster, as we are using more resources.

So it is advisable to maximize the battery of your device that while you are not using a Wi-Fi network, you keep the antenna off and only turn it on when you need to use it.

You can choose to turn off the Wi-Fi option when idle, which is when the screen is off. This way the battery will also save the battery of your Android mobile.

In the section of advanced Wi-Fi settings you can choose to keep Wi-Fi inactive while:

  • The phone is connected to a power source to recharge the battery
  • Always to stay on all the time (not recommended)
  • Or never, which would increase data usage if you're downloading something.

These are some of the tips we can give you to better control battery consumption; and optimize it so that the time between load and load is greater.

If you have any other questions about how to disable notifications of WiFi networks open and available on Android, you can leave us your question in the comment box which is a little further down.

Or you can see some of our articles on our site, related to the topic, if you have problems with the connections of your Wi-Fi networks on Android or if, for example, the Wi-Fi disconnects and you need to fix it.

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