How to disable or block comments on Facebook photos or images

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At the end of the day, people find it easier to uninhibit in networks, saying things they would never say in person.

On the other hand, to prevent others from commenting on them photos or images that we share. Also on Facebook you can hide the things you like so that even your friends don't know, and thus reserve your privacy. But does Facebook have the necessary tool to block comments? Next, you will see if this is possible.

How to disable or block comments on Facebook photos or images?

As we have already said, this is not about preventing a specific person from commenting on our posts. This way you will not only prevent yourself from commenting, but it will prevent you also to see the things we publish hiding your business from us.

What we don't want is for our friends to make comments of any kind about our shared photos and images as well. Since we upload posts to our story or profile, others can comment on them, even our friends' friends.

Perhaps when this happens, we have had to resort to manual deletion or deletion of the unpleasant comments our publications have received. Unfortunately there is no more practical and permanent way to disable or block comments on photos or images on Facebook.

Since Facebook doesn't offer me this option, what can I do?

While Facebook doesn't have any mechanism to stop people from commenting on our photos or images, it's better limit who can view them. So you can hide and make your Facebook photos private. This will prevent them from being commented on, but it could at least be a more select group, like "friends".

Another alternative, a bit orthodox, is that we configure our account so that when configuring the option: “Who can see the publications you do from now on”. There the system will allow us to choose "Only me" and while it sounds odd, it's a way to avoid comments.

And, of course, no one will be able to see the publications you put on your wall, unless they visit your account profile. But even from there they won't be able to comment on any of your posts.

So, at the end of the day, there is no practical and convenient way to stop people from commenting on our photos or images. Unfortunately, the Facebook application is designed to facilitate the interaction of its members and this implies the possibility of making comments.

According to what we have analyzed, the best thing will always be limit the ability to comment on our publications to whoever is closest to you. Surely this trusted group will be very careful when commenting on our publications.

The best thing is that we continue to share our photos and images on the social network as usual, until Facebook makes an improvement in this regard. (Interestingly, this is possible on the Fan Page disable or block comments on photos or images).

If we find that someone has made a comment that we didn't like very much, follow the usual procedure. In other words, you can hide or delete a comment from your post and, if it provokes us, block the person making the comment.

Constantly monitor who we have included in our groups of friends and best friends when we share a publication. That way, our Facebook experience could be a little more enjoyable, if it is the case that we feel uncomfortable with these kinds of comments.

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