How to disable or disable birthday notifications on Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg would never have imagined the impact this social network would have on the lives of the millions of users who currently use it. But since then and until today, the changes that have taken place on Facebook are appreciable. And one of these consists precisely in disable or disable birthday notifications on Facebook.

It is true that before it was not possible to make many changes to this platform, but they had to accept the changes requested by users. Since you can't think everyone likes the options it offers by default. Remember that in the social network you can also disable group notifications, live broadcasts, another website, Facebook memories, etc.

How to disable or disable birthday notifications on Facebook

For many people it can seem very inconvenient to receive notifications about their friends' upcoming birthdays on the social network. And they wouldn't even want that Facebook notify your friends when it's your birthday. In any case, it is possible to avoid this and not feel that your privacy is being violated.

In the first case we will deactivate or deactivate the birthday notifications on Facebook and to do that we will do the following. Let's go to Facebook and enter our username and password to access our profile. Once we are on the home page we will go to the tab located at the top right.

And from there we will open the Configuration Settings, to have access to the Facebook notification panel. Now in this window we position ourselves on the left side and we will look for the option Notifications.

The next step is to look for the Birthday option and next to it you will find the Edit option, click on it and disable this feature so that you no longer receive notifications of this type.

Ready, we have   disabled or disabled birthday notifications on Facebook. Now we're going to show you what to do if what you want is that your friends don't get notifications about your birthday. And to do that, you just have to follow these simple steps that we will indicate below.

How to disable or disable my birthday notifications on Facebook

Similarly, you have to enter your profile and once inside we go directly to the Information section. Here we will find the data we provide when we open our account Facebook, such as academic background, school address, address, email, date of birth, etc. The next step is to place the mouse cursor on the date of birth.

And the Edit your basic information option will appear, what we want to do is hide this information, so the next thing we will do is click on the blank space that appears next to the date and year and we will click on Edit. You will have four options to choose from Public, Friends Only, Me Only, and finally Custom.

In this case, we have to choose the Only me option, but you will always have the last word to choose the option that suits you best. Finally you need to click on the Save changes option, so that they are applied without any problem.

Remember you have the final say when it comes to hide your information, you can do this with your date of birth and this way your friends will not receive notifications about your birthday.

Or you can hide your birth year and that way people won't know how old you are, but you can hide both if you prefer.

In this simple way we have taught you another trick, on the most used social network and in simple steps you have learned to disable or disable birthday notifications on Facebook.

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