How to disable or remove pop-up notifications from new people on Telegram

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Telegram is the preferred messaging application by many users who consider it the best. When using it, several annoying notifications can appear, which can be many a day, filling our mobile with unnecessary notifications, so we wonder how to disable or remove pop-up notifications of new people in Telegram? Fortunately it is something we can easily configure from our mobile or PC.

Creating an account in this application is really simple and since it is a highly recommended application, it has new users every time. To remove these notifications you will only have to follow a series of simple steps that we will indicate below.

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This is done through your mobile contacts, who join the application and, in doing so, notifies you of new members so that you can communicate with them through it. The more contacts you have, the more pop-up notifications you will have, which is very annoying.

To disable them, log in to the application, go to the options button at the top, click on "Settings", once here we look for the box that says «Notifications and sounds». Now you will have to look in the list for the "Events" section where you can see the mention of "Contact connected to Telegram", we will only have to slide the button so that it appears in "Off".

This way you will have disabled these notifications. If you want to check if one of your contacts has joined this application without receiving notifications, you just have to log in in the 'Chat' option and click the pencil option, at this time the writing window will open a new message.

Time search for the contact you want, by doing so you can see that you can safely chat with that person, if they allow it, it is because this is actually part of the application. You can also delete any contact from the app if you are bothered by notifications from a specific user.

What to do after disabling pop-up notifications of new people on Telegram

At the end of the deactivation of notifications, it is recommended that you take other steps to remove them on all devices you use and also to prevent this from happening again. First, enter the application settings, upon entering you will see how a list is displayed in which you will have to press 'Privacy and security', but in this section we will only go to the security options.

Once here, we will click on active sessions, by pressing this option you will see a list with all the devices on which you have opened your account. Therefore you will need to log out  in those who no longer use the application, leaving only the options you currently use, it is better to leave only the device on which you have disabled notifications.

If you want to sync other devices or remove them, you need to know how to configure Telegram to your liking. When these notifications arrive, chats also appear so you can talk to these new contacts, distracting you from important chats of your app. To delete them, press and hold chats and select the trash can symbol.

Then you will have to confirm the action by pressing 'Delete'. Likewise, when making all these changes to the application, it is better to close the application completely and then re-enter it.

Another way to remove pop-up notifications of new people on Telegram from your PC

If you wish, you can remove any other type of pop-up notification that appears in this application. But many users don't use this application directly from their mobile phones, they can also use the desktop option it offers. If you want to delete them from this device, go to "Settings" and look for the notifications option.

Upon entering you will have to disable the contacts option and voilà this problem will be solved by your PC. With this version for your computer you can perform many functions such as those provided by the mobile application.

Some of these are sending surveys, sending various reminders, managing your groups, editing contacts, messaging programs, adjusting advanced options and many others that will improve your experience.

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