How to disable or remove the featured section of the new Firefox Quantum tab

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Although this is an option enabled since the beginning of the Mozilla browser versions; Over time Firefox only finds ways to improve its content.

Performing the change is something very simple to achieve through the Firefox Quantum settings and here we will show you the steps to do it.

Find out how to disable the highlight section of your browser's new tab

Firefox Quantum isn't the only browser that displays the recurring, recently searched, and favorite content that the user runs within it.

The Mozilla difference is that between the new tabs the interface has been changed and features the favorite and featured sections to view the pages.

If you want to remove the foreground option because you are not the only user using the browser and you want your privacy to remain, do the following:

Enter Firefox Quantum and open a new tab (where these sections are shown) to display the gear icon located at the top right which allows you to » Customize the New Tab page «.


Due to the new interface created by this new version of Mozilla, a new menu will appear where you can deselect the option » Featured «.

This way you can completely remove this section; of future new tabs that you can open while using the browser.

It should be noted that through this method it is also possible to eliminate any other type of sections that are displayed; in the same way you make it present on the home page as search boxes or code snippets.

The feature has been enabled for those who take the degree of privacy of their content seriously; and be able to change the aesthetics of Firefox Quantum to your liking.

What should you do if you want to remove only one site from the featured section?

As with the previous method, you need to open your browser and the new tab to access the set of featured sites displayed on the screen.

By moving the mouse cursor over all the displayed pages, place it on the website you want to remove so that a three-dot icon recognized as a " Menu »At the top.

After clicking on it, a small window of options will appear where you can click on the one that indicates » Ignore «.

And in this simple way, you'll prevent that page from appearing in the featured section every time you open a new window in your browser.


Another simple option is to click » Remove from history »To avoid constantly appearing among your recurring sites.

Possible solutions and modifications of the new card

This method works for many other solutions besides the modification or removal of the highlights section of the new Mozilla tab.

Among these other options is the possibility to move the arrangement of the sections; that you can also modify through the " Menu »Of three points we talked about earlier.

Furthermore, through these points it is possible to modify the frequent sites to add or delete one that appears in the section.

Finally, among these examples, place the mouse cursor on the page you want to set in your new tabs to act as quick access to it.

Keeping your browsing safe is of great importance for the security of your personal data, so it is advisable to prevent any browser you use from tracking you. You can also use another tool such as clearing the cache and cookies.

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