How to disable or show the taskbar only on one of the screens connected to the PC

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It is very easy to make the bar of the uses or show it on one of the screens used. This is a very useful trick for streamers who need to show something on one of the screens to their audience.

This is a simple strategy used in Windows 10, because it is the most used operating system today. He has served many influencers and youtubers on their live shows, which can be used for other important things as well.

So stay with us to find out how to get the taskbar done you just show where you want.

Very useful tricks to use on the taskbar

How to make the taskbar appear or disappear on one of your screens, there are other tricks. One of them is to anchor a hard drive's shortcut icon to it, without much difficulty.

This trick is mainly used to avoid having to access that particular hard drive via folders or other options. Many navigation steps are saved inside the PC, which helps to find a file or program we need.

Another quite useful strategy is to make the taskbar on the desktop transparent. This trick is directed not only at Windows 10, but also at 8 and 7, very good versions.

The purpose of this customization is to make the desktop display much more enjoyable to use. It also serves to appreciate the background more, especially when it has a high quality and good resolution.

Finally, there is another trick to make the taskbar icons bigger. This is aimed at the work operating Windows 10 and it is also very useful for many people and users.

It is used so that those who have visual problems can locate each of the items on the taskbar. It is a customization that provides a lot of help to various people who need it, and without excluding anyone from the PC.

As mentioned above, these tricks are just as useful as tweaking the taskbar for other screens. Therefore, it is worth knowing them and know how to customize it when we want and without difficulty.

Now we will explain how or not to display the taskbar in additional screens.

Show or remove the taskbar from other screens

The first thing you need to know is that the instructions we will give you are unique to the Windows 10 system. With this in mind, make sure you have connected all the displays you want to your PC and that it detects them completely.

If you want the bar to appear on a screen, you need to access the part Settings to Start. Then select System, to enter Display later, to select the monitor you want as the main system screen.

So let's proceed to log in to the Personalization option and remove the option enabled by Multiple Displays. Now the taskbar will be displayed only on the screen that we previously selected as the main system.

With this you can now stream or whatever you want as the bar annoys you on additional screens. It helps a lot people who need visually free spaces to use design programs and many other similar things.

In case you want the bars to appear on all screens, you need to invert them. The whole procedure is carried out but in reverse, to activate the Multiple Screens option in the corresponding personalization.

Now you know several useful tricks to customize la bar of the uses of your PC based on the latest versions of Windows on the market. You can change the view of your screen and make it much more comfortable according to the needs you need to do.

There are many other articles related to Windows taskbars available for see how it is done. All you have to do is continue to use our portal, and discover many other interesting things about this topic so sought after by many.

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