How to disable Windows 10 Action Center from Regedit or GPO

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Before making any changes with Regedit or GPO, it is very important to make a backup copy of the operating system in Windows 10; because if at the end of the procedure the operating system has faults. You just have to go to the copy, restore it and that's it.

How to disable Windows 10 Activity Center from Regedit or GPO

Let's start by defining what it is Regedit, in simple terms; It is the default program on our computers, to modify all system configurations that have been saved, during the installation of Windows 10. We must use it carefully and know how to modify or modify the Regedit Offline registers in Windows 10.

We can say that Regedit is the main control of our computer. Through it we can change anything. For example, you can change the Windows desktop background using Regedit. Also to enable and disable fast user switching in Windows 10, among thousands of other things.

GPO is a Group Policy object; that is, the set of policies that govern the operating system. They are designed with different policies; some related to management of the Internet, or with the control panel, or commands such as regedit.

This GPO has the task of granting access to the control panel, defining the size of files, among other permissions. To add or remove them, we need to execute the specific commands and give them value, remember that only with a user as administrator we can do it.

log in to Regedit, we need to open Run and type regedit.exe to get Run you can press the Windows key and type the command, or press Windows + R. Then, you need to double click, you will be able to see all the configurations that are stored, in the editor of the register.

In the window that opens, we need to write the following command: "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsExplorer" on the right an icon will appear with the writing Default, under it, in any free space, right click and select New with a value of DWord (32 bit).

We will change the name to this new value and place it DisableNotificationCenter, then right click and click on the Value Info option, enter the number 1 and check the Hex box. Now we press OK so that the changes are saved and close that window.

What to do after disabling the activity center?

After this we have to restart the computer so that it can accept the changes made, once turned on, we will no longer have the Windows 10 activity center active, this means that we ourselves have already learned to deactivate it from the command regedit o GPO.

Not only can you disable the Windows 10 Action Center, but you can also make tons of other changes, with the correct commands from the GPO.

Obviously before making any changes make sure you understand the steps well and before making a backup of the operating system, this is a good thing up your sleeve because if something does not go as expected, nothing happens, just activate backup it's ready.

Now all that remains is to get to work, this will help you optimize the space you have on the taskbar, and when you are working or you are simply in front of your computer, you will not have to roll your eyes every now and then to close those annoying notifications.

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