How to do karaoke with videos and lyrics on a Mac with free programs

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Home entertainment is a very important part of many people's daily lives, which has led to the industry tecnologica to adapt in some way to the corresponding market.

We can see it in the creation of several electronic devices which greatly help us to consume different types of multimedia content.

Both on a mobile device through which we have access to video games, and on other applications that entertain us on a SmartTV that gives us access to different aspects of the Internet, such as social networks and applications such as Netflix and others.

However, if we are at home and wish to have greater access to entertainment via electronic devices, the best option is probably to use a computer. Through these we can watch videos, play video games, have conversations, go to the most used social networks and much more.

Much of what can be done on a computer is limited by the applications or programs that can be used for it, and today there are tons to choose from for a particular purpose.

For example, if you want to watch a movie, you can download a specific player for it; or you can also do the karaoke Computer karaoke has become more and more popular with the passage of time, as the use of DVD players has been neglected due to the use of computers. And there are also many mobile applications specially dedicated to Karaoke that you will surely enjoy to the fullest.

Many people now connect their computers to televisions to watch movies and whatnot, so traditional karaoke is way behind. That's why below we will talk about how you can go about having karaoke right on your computer Mac with free programs.

Using karaoke programs on your Mac

A karaoke session can be extremely fun with friends and snacks, as it creates an evening of fun and laughter just by singing some of your favorite songs.

And it is absolutely possible to do this on a Mac computer without any problems, as all you have to do is download a program that can be used for it.

In this case we recommend a couple of programs to be able to do karaoke, the first we will talk about, iStar Karaoke. This is a program that allows you to insert your discs DVD in your Mac to be able to do karaoke, using different controls for the sound and others.

Through iStar Karaoke, you can make changes to the font size, as well as different aspects of karaoke itself so that you can enjoy it for free.

On the other hand, there is QMidi, another program designed for karaoke on Mac that has all kinds of great aspects like volume controls and others that make your experience very enjoyable.

In fact, it's better than iStar in several respects, but it has the little problem that it can be used free only and with a limited trial version, so it ends up being better to use iStar if you want something totally free.

This is a common problem among Mac karaoke programs as there are so many of them, only most require one. premium version which is not free and can be a little expensive for some people.

Alternatives to programs

In case you have a problem downloading some of these programs and want to do karaoke in the same way, you have the simple option to plug in your microphone, activate it and go directly to YouTube to find all kinds of songs karaoke You will likely find many more of them than you have in your personal catalog and they are free.

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