How to do Wix SEO to rank a website in Google? Wix SEO Tutorial in Spanish

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Wix is ​​a platform released in 2006 that allows you to create your own website and also has a wide variety of applications that will strengthen your marketing strategy; one of the uses that users give the most is for creating a virtual store.

What's the best way to do SEO on Wix?

The SEO Wiz extension has become a great tool for those page builders who basically start from scratch, because has a simple and well explained interface.

Get SEO Wiz

If you already have a Wix account and have been using it for a while, you will just have to search and add the extension, otherwise you will need to create your Wix account and start creating your page.

Provide the necessary data

Once you have downloaded SEO Wiz, it will ask you to fill in a form with relevant data for SEO and Google positioning.

They will ask you for the name of your company or service, the position and they will ask you to enter some keywords for help your page appear among related searches.

Keywords are keywords that will be needed to locate your page. For example, if your page is about kitchen utensils and appliances, you can use as keywords " Kitchen »» Appliances »» Tools ". This way, any search related to these words will have your page as an option.

Follow Wiz's instructions

Wiz, will provide you with a list of goals you need to achieve to help your company's SEO. AND Among these, you may be able to improve the page name, change the style of your publications or improve the page display.

Through these tips, it is expected that the SEO of your company improve a little. In addition, the tool explains, step by step, how to modify any features it deems necessary to improve.

Use advertising

The idea of ​​SEO is to help rank your website. The best way this tool can do this is improve the features of your page and give you the tools to reach more population.

But in reality it cannot work on its own, it requires the use of other tools, such as advertising in the media or through social networks.

If you click on » It appears on Google »You will be able to do many more things, this will improve your list of objectives. Each time you reach a goal, it can be deleted or a new one created.

Google now has the Google Correlate function, a new way to correlate data via keywords and thus more easily identify the SEO of pages.

This will motivate you to stick to features that are considered ideal for page builders.

Take the list of goals as a plan

If you take SEO as something important, you can use the list of goals as a kind of points to renew. In this way  you will be able to generate your own content and you will understand better the positioning on the web.

Therefore, once you've set your new goals and hired your new skills, you can play around with your page's SEO to give it a better understanding and make it more possible the opportunities for interaction with your page.


It is important that you do not take SEO Wiz as the only tool for improvement SEO. You should consider the things relevant to your sales area and the titles that generate visits and interaction with your page.

Likewise, you need to manage SEO guidelines to create your articles, as this cannot be corrected by the extension. A good development of your articles generates sympathy and engagement of readers with your page.

Finally, we hope this article will be of great help to you and can serve as a guide to SEO in Wix. It helps you position yourself in the top 10 of Google search results.


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