How to easily activate mouse mode in the CetusPlay app for Android TV Box

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While it is very easy to activate, it has a series of steps before it can be used. You also have to get used to the sensitivity of the screen when scrolling and what to do to choose a certain option.

In this article we will explain how to activate the mouse mode in this app. We will also give you some tips for using it.

Activate mouse mode in CetusPlay for a TV BOX

You can get the CetusPlay application for free from the official app store for Android devices, Google Play Store. This application is used to use your phone as a remote control for TV Boxes, Smart TVs or televisions with this function.

It is very useful when the remote control is broken or we lose it and don't find it, and it costs nothing. It is not even difficult to use, when we have already made the respective settings on the two devices, TV and phone.

To begin with, we need to be absolutely sure that the TV is one Smart TV or contains a TV Box. This allows you to convert an old TV into a smart TV, with Internet access and other very useful features.

TV Boxes are useful tools, which can be similar to the functionality of Chromecast, but with additional functionality. After making sure our TV has these options available, we can install the app on devices.

First you need to download the CetusPlay app on your Android phone, just like on the TV Box. Then we start running the application inside the phone and locate the TV in the app, entering the code shown.

Here we would already have the basic use of the app, but the mouse mode would not be enabled within the devices. For this, we enter in Settings del TV Box and select the option listed for Language and text entry.

When a list of applications appears, we have to activate CetusPlay in it to give it authorization in the system. So we have to accept the system change made and the mouse mode would already be enabled inside the TV Box.

The other steps need to be performed from the phone, so you can easily use the mouse on the TV.

Remaining steps and important features of CetusPlay for TV Box

There, in a menu located in the upper right part, it is displayed a list of all available modes. We have to choose the mouse mode and at that moment a window with instructions will appear and a tutorial must be opened.

To avoid that every time we place the mouse mode we have to see the tutorial, let's turn off Remember me next time. If you want you can see the tutorial, if not you can skip this part and use this mode without problems.

On the screen just drag your finger to move the mouse icon on the TV screen. As indicated on the phone, with a Tap you select the option you want, which is easy to do.

You can now enjoy this feature, which is similar to having a mouse connected to the TV Box console. Remember that CetusPlay is an app that helps you when your remote control cannot be used for any reason.

You can access more articles on how to do this so that you can learn about other ways to quickly set up devices.

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