How to easily configure the vibration of a Samsung mobile

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Especially if we are in a meeting and we don't want our cell phone to ring, we put it in   silent mode. When you receive a call, message or notification, your mobile will vibrate only.

But many times the vibration of our mobile device is very low and we cannot find out that we are receiving a call. This is obviously not good, but luckily our Samsung device allows us to configure the vibration. And this is just another great option among the many that this mobile offers us, such as the ability to record the screen.

How to configure the vibration of a Samsung mobile

The vibration setting of ours Samsung mobile phone it is a very useful option that we must learn to use, because if it does not vibrate loud enough to realize it. It will be impossible to detect that we have received a notification from any of the applications installed on our mobile.

For the present case, we will set up the vibration on a Samsung phone Galaxy S3, as the settings on each phone may differ. But in general you can use the same method to set the vibration. And then we show you what steps you need to follow, for this adjustment.

Steps on how to easily set up the vibration of a Samsung mobile phone

To get started with this tutorial you need to go to your phone Samsung Galaxy S3 and go directly to the home screen and you will look for the Settings option. So let's look through the different sections and choose Sound. Here is an option called Vibration Strength and click on it to enter.

We will observe that there are several options to choose from, among which we can name Basic call, Hearbeat, Jimglebell, Tictock, among others. So we can try each option until we find the one that offers us the desired level of vibration. To select it, we just have to click on the circle to its right and then click OK.

This is the way simple It is easy that Samsung offers you to be able to configure the vibration and adjust it so that we can know when we have received a notification. This obviously without other people noticing. Vibrate mode is often used by people to prevent them from noticing that we have a mobile phone.

Many times we find that our Samsung devices do not vibrate and due to the large number of options currently available, we cannot find how to configure this mode. And most likely, only this feature is turned off and you need to turn it on. Another possible cause of the lack of vibrations is that an application does not allow it.

If it turns out that there are applications that when you download them, please configure your mobile so that the App can work perfectly. But you have to remember that your mobile works like a PC and simply restarting the Samsung can fix these problems. But the rule for entering the vibration settings is in the audio section or sound notifications.

This way we come to the end of this interesting article that shows you a very important option that we need to learn to configure correctly. And in simple steps we have taught you what you should do for  easily configure the vibration of a Samsung mobile phone.

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