How to easily customize Instagram featured story covers

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How to customize Instagram featured story covers?

Today we can say that we have a large number of social networks and media, but it is clear that very few are as complete as Instagram with all its amazing options. And it not only allows us to stay in touch with whoever we want, but also to share high quality content in a few steps.

We can even enhance our businesses and services with the help of your famous business accounts, which are undoubtedly of great use. But there is one aspect that all of us have come to use at some point: highlighting stories in the profile. Now what can we do to make these featured stories get a lot more attention? Well, we can try to put some covers that relate to the theme of it.

This will allow both followers and other visitors to your profile to easily recognize each featured story and know what they can find within them. The steps to achieve this are very simple and we'll show you below.

Steps to customize Instagram featured story covers

Like the other Instagram features, Setting up Instagram Featured Stories is a breeze. Plus, it will help you get more hits on your Stories quickly and easily. The steps you need to follow are:

  • First of all, enter your Instagram profile from the app.
  • Find yourself in your feed.
  • Go to the featured story you want to add the cover to.
  • Press the three dots at the bottom.
  • From the options, select "Edit featured story".
  • In the configuration section, you will see the cover of the story at the top.
  • Press «Edit cover».
  • You can choose from the story photos or select one from your gallery.
  • Place the image well, so that it fits nicely on the cover.
  • Once you are satisfied with the result, press "Done".

That's all! After following these steps to the letter, you will be able to see the cover of your story highlighted in its visible part on your Instagram profile. If you can't use the Instagram app from your mobile, you can also upload stories to Instagram from your PC if needed.

Tips for putting covers on Instagram stories in the foreground

Not only is it enough to put a cover on your stories, but the detail is in how you put them. There are several details to consider in order for them to be truly successful.

For example, if you have a lot of stories at the same time, the covers should have something to identify them, but at the same time be captivating. Plus, you can use apps like Canva that can help you create easily quality covers. And if possible, make sure everything follows the same theme, that is, that the covers and other aspects of the profile combine and identify you from others.

You can also take advantage of templates that give you an idea of ​​how design your covers, as well as naming the stories appropriately. As you'll see, editing Instagram Featured Stories takes a lot of work, but it's totally worth it.

We invite you to experience for yourself how great it is to edit your Instagram profile and we hope you can get the most out of the tools that Instagram offers us.

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