How to easily edit and use Google Maps in Facebook applications?

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One of the benefits of Facebook is that its premise continues to improve, helping to find people anywhere in the world.   What makes it one of the most used social networks despite the continuous appearance of others.

This social network created by the American Mark Zuckerberg uses Microsoft Bing for its maps and cartography. Which can be tricky if you're used to Google Maps. This is why many users want to use Google Maps in Facebook applications.

Bing Maps e Google Maps

These two extensions of two of the most popular browsers they basically perform the same function, providing maps online and in real time. Although it is true, Google Maps is one of the best known and therefore the most used, it is not necessarily the best. Or, the most convenient.

One of the reasons Google Maps is the most used application is because it allows you to add markers or labels to your favorite places.

In fact, Bing Maps comes with a unique feature which sets it apart from any other mapping application. It is, its bird's eye view that provides a rather curious and accurate view of the places. This site also does not exclude any part of the world and the quality of its images is just as good.

Google Maps

On the other hand, this other big market player was a reference for navigation applications for more than a decade. And, moreover, it is used by most of them, except Facebook ones, although, with a small installation of an extension, you can use Google Maps in Facebook applications if you wish.

Facebook location services

It is something essential that you should have active if we want to use maps in applications, since, without location services, you will not get very far. You can activate them on both iOS and Android and quickly and easily.

For iOs

On the home screen of your phone, go to "Settings" and then to "Privacy". Tap «Location Services» and turn the switch to activate it. With this operating system, the good thing is that you can configure it for each application.

For example, with Facebook, being in the window "Location services", scroll to Facebook. There, you choose between always, when you use the application or never. Then you can choose your preferences.

Per Android

Go to "Settings" on your mobile phone and then to "Applications". Look for Facebook in this case and under «Permissions» select «Location» for turn it on or off.

Another way to share your location with your contacts and friends is to copy a satellite image from Google Earth.

The other browser is able to use Google Maps in Facebook applications

Although there was already talk of how the Bing application should not envy Google Maps, this being the best known, common users they do not give themselves the opportunity to change. And once and for all, they prefer to use Google Maps in Facebook applications before trying Bing. But that's another story. Besides Bing, there are many other alternatives for Google Maps.

To integrate this browser with your Facebook page and to show maps of your business or other pages with the Google interface, you just need an extension. That's right, you just have to go to the Google Web Store to install this add-on and have the maps you want.

Sure, you have to do it from your computer and with Google Chrome, but it will give you complete integration and the ability to also see the address of fan pages, companies and other social sections. That is, you will not lose any functions or features.

After pairing the Facebook application with the Google Maps application, you can easily send your location to your friends via Facebook Messenger. 

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