How to easily edit photos from Instagram for free

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Undoubtedly, since the birth of this platform, there are many who have been able to undertake an interesting business path. Since we can create an image catalog of all the products our company is selling. And in this way it becomes part of the great virtual showcase that Instagram offers us.

This is why it is so important to know how to easily edit photos from instagram, as through this knowledge we can give our photos a different and professional approach. This will also allow us to stand out on the platform and therefore have more visits which can translate into more sales.

How to easily edit photos from Instagram for free

In the following article you will find a way to know how to easily edit photos from instagram for free. And this through an amazing application called Snapseep, the best thing is that it is completely free and you can download it from the Play Store. Here is the Link and you can download it to your mobile device.

With this application you will be able to make perfect edits to your photographs which will give a very professional look, so without wasting any more time let's get started. After downloading and installing the application on your smartphone. You will proceed to open it, after which a plus sign will appear, this will allow us to add the photo that we are going to modify.

Let's click the plus sign and it will take us to our image library so we can choose the photo. Press to select and it will appear in the application, we will find a series of options that will allow us to make changes to the photo. First of all let's go to the lower left part and we will click on Drawings.

Using the photo editor

We will see below the photo that several boxes appear with different names, these are the equivalent of filters. By choosing one of them, the our photo will take on the aspect described by the filter. If, for example, you choose black and white, the photo will tone this aspect and you will see how your image will look after the election.

Then you can choose the design you want or you can see how your image will look with each of them. The only downside to using layouts is that you can't customize them. When choosing a design, your image will have that final look and that's what you'll use it on Instagram.

If when you choose a design you press for a few moments on the image you will be able to see the original image and when you release it, it comes back again with the image you have selected. Then we will go to the Tools option, when you press, many tools will appear but we will use Enhance Photos.

We press and we have several commands firstly Brightness, we select and to apply it to the photo, you just have to press on it and scroll to the right or left. And you will see that this quality increases or decreases in the photo. And you will do the same with Saturation, Contrast, Ambience, Highlights, Shadows, etc.

If the changes you have made are to your liking, you have to press the checkbox located at the bottom right. If not, discard them by pressing the X at the bottom left. If you continue to explore the options offered by the Tools button, you can apply them to your photos and thus achieve a professional finish.

Now you will only have to upload the edited photo to your Instagram account from both your PC and mobile and then this application is used that will allow you to easily edit photos from instagram for free. And you may know it through this article that has guided you step by step and without complications of any kind.

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