How to easily enable or delete cookies on your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone Pro Max

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I laptop have become an essential part of our daily life, we can no longer have to communicate quickly through calls or messages.

In addition, it stores information that we probably would like to always have at hand, such as contact details, music or pictures.

Similarly, through the browser we can access Internet and visit countless web pages or ours social network.

But every time we use a browser, files called cookies are saved by default in the memory of the mobile terminal.

Over time these files can decrease your iPhone's storage capacity, so it's good to delete them periodically.

What are cookies?

You may have come across the question "Do you accept our cookie policy?" or something similar when opening one web page.

This is because the server hosting the web page you are visiting sends a small amount of data to your browser.

These data, called cookies, were originally created to be used on shopping web pages to allow the user to manipulate their own shopping cart.

Currently, its functions are different, for example it can be that of remembering accesses, that is, recognizing if you have already visited the page.

This allows you to show the site according to your preferences, showing certain content, hiding others or remembering your user.

In addition to that, cookies can collect information about your browsing habits and can even act as spies by advertising agencies.

The latter can cause privacy issues, which is why some people find the use of cookies annoying.

It should be noted that they work using a computer-browser-user combination, so they will not complete their function on another device even if you enter your username.

Enable or delete cookies on your iPhone

To save space, it is advisable to periodically delete the cookies stored by the browser of your mobile device and activate them when requested.

To do it from yours iPhone you have to follow these steps:

Step 1

Enter your settings and look at the end of the list for Safari application. Log in to set it up.

In case you want to delete only the data of a certain web page, you need to go to the Advanced section and click on it.

Step 2

Next, click on the section Data of website. You will see that the list of websites you have recently visited is extended.

3 pass

Select the page where you want to delete your data and select Edit. Press the red icon that appears on the left side and select Delete.

After a few seconds your computer will have completed the operation e will delete the stored cookies for the web page you have selected.

4 pass

If, on the other hand, you want to delete all the cookies in your memory, you need to access the Delete website history and data section.

Once you have made your selections, a window will appear indicating Cancel the timeline and data, select this option and wait a few seconds.

If you want to prevent or allow web pages you visit with Safari from storing data on your device, go to Safari settings.

Select or deselect, as appropriate, the option Block all cookies. This way you will control the flow of this data. You can also find help by reading this Apple support note.

Clear cookies in the Chrome app

Now, if your browser of preference is Chrome, access the application and go to the settings by pressing the icon with the three dots.

You will see it in the lower right part. Once there, press on section Privacy, select Clear browsing data.

All the data that has been stored will be marked, you can deselect the ones you want to leave or leave them marked if you prefer to delete them all.

Finally, select the Clear browsing data option and wait a few seconds. You will have yours iPhone 11 it your computer without cookies. You can learn how to show your iPhone 11 battery percentage with this tutorial.

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