How to easily fix or repair Windows Update error 0x80240034

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You want to know how to fix Windows Update error 0x80240034? Then stay and read this article where we will show you how to do it.

What is Windows Update?


Windows Update is a free service from Microsoft. It was created to provide network updates for Windows. These updates can come from Microsoft service packs, system patches, and many other programs.

Also, you can use this service for keep hardware drivers up to date of your computer, such as i driver audio and video.

The update usually contains periodically released updates for Windows. So it is important to update Windows Update to the latest version.

I used to have a specific day to upload them to the net, however, due to demand, they always offer new updates. This way Windows can satisfy its users by offering solutions to problems that arise.

It was created specifically so that the company Microsoft Windows is always updated and updated with new programs. These updates are generally very varied, however they usually include improvements to the functionality of each software. It also offers you updates on your computer's security to prevent malicious attacks and malware from infecting your PC.

Furthermore, you can also use it to enter the update history and in this way you will be able to see all the improvements that have been installed in your operating system.

But, despite all these good things that Windows Update has, it is normal that we get an error from time to time that Windows Update keeps looking for updates

For example, on the screen the error 0x80240034 and you may not know how to fix it. In this article we will show you how to do it in a very simple way so that you can continue to enjoy Windows Update services.

How to fix Windows Update error 0x80240034?


As mentioned above, Windows Update it gives you the opportunity to receive updates, no matter how small they may be. In this type of process it is possible that errors such as the one we have already mentioned, let's see step by step how to solve it easily.

There are similar errors like error 0x80070015 in Windows Update, but in the specific case error 0x80240034 it means that while you were updating a Windows service, it could not be installed. This is because there was an error with the Windows 10 update services. How to fix it? There are several ways that we will show you below.

Step 1

Something you can try to fix this is to simply restart your computer and restart Windows Update. This way you will be able to see if the problem is solved, as it is, it means it was just a specific problem and with the Windows restart is just fix it.

Step 2

If the problem persists, you can run the Windows Update Troubleshooter. Doing this is very simple, you just have to open the Windows 10 configuration page and go to the option Update & Security> Troubleshoot> Windows Update. Now you just have to wait and see if this solves the problem and stops appearing.

3 pass

If the error persists, the next step is to delete the files from the Software Distribution folder and re-establish the folders Catroot e Catroot2 on the system. You can also use the storage sensor and this way you can get rid of all the temporary files that are on the computer.

4 pass

Another likelihood of this type of error occurring is due to the antivirus, so you can try to temporarily disable the antivirus. Now try again to continue with the update you were doing and check if the error has been corrected.

5 pass

If it didn't work for you, there is likely a corrupt file in your system which is why Update shows an error. To fix it you have to use the tool DISM e SFC that Windows 10 itself offers you.

6 pass

If even if you have tried all the options above and the problem is not solved, the last thing to do is to create a USB installation of Windows 10 from the last ISO available.

We hope you were able to eliminate the error with one of these steps and then continue installing the necessary updates.

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