How to easily fix VPN connection error 800 in Windows?

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VPN connection error 800 can be one of the most annoying when setting up a network on your computer. But this can be solved very easily, you just have to follow a few simple steps that they will help you get there in minutes.

What should you do to fix the VPN connection error 800?

The problem has already been established, you cannot access the network because there is something preventing the VPN from working properly. Therefore, as there are different causes, we prefer to divide it and give you the solutions separately so that you can try them all.

User and password

Windows deserves when creating a VPN that user data and password are provided to access the network, this could be the mistake. To fix it, the process is quite simple, you only need to adhere to a few steps.

First, press the combination «Win + I», go to «Network and Internet», click on «VPN», enter «VPN service» and finally «Advanced options». Once there, you have to verify that the IP and your user data are correct, if their fix doesn't work, switch to PPTP.

Firewall e router

This is a fairly common option, Windows Firewall usually blocks VPN connections, to fix it, there are two things to do. First, check that your Firewall version is the most up to date, like this you can see if it is compatible with the VPN.

In case it is not up to date, start by downloading this update and wait for the installation to complete, try to connect again. If it doesn't work, it remains only to configure the router for VPN and PPTP, some prefer to disable the firewall, but this is your decision.

Possible Malware intervention

VPN connection error 800 can be caused by a virus that does not allow the use of a VPN. To fix this, patch the entire computer, if malware is detected, remove it from your computer and try the VPN again.

Windows Troubleshooting

Sometimes the problem is in some silly configuration like connecting the computer to the Internet. Many times these types of problems go unnoticed during the stress of determine the reason for the VPN 800 error.

In order not to exit, it is recommended to start the troubleshooter, for this, go to " Rete and Internet »In the control panel. Right-click on the network and select » Network troubleshooting «, Wait for the scan result and fix the errors, you can also try to troubleshoot the microphone.

Why is a VPN needed?

The error of VPN 800 connection it always appears when you try to set up a VPN on your computer, but why is this service needed? Well, the VPN or Very Private Network, allows you to browse a network completely privately.

In this way, the network is not authorized to determine the location of the computer and there is no risk of the data being displayed. These networks are generally used in offices or simply to enter pages without providing location data, they could also cause problems such as connecting without internet access on your pc.

Currently, this type of navigation has become popular due to the ability to simulate a location or post content restricted to a country. It also provides some protection against cyber attacks that are growing with the Internet.

Another common use of this system is the ability to access databases, documents, applications or files from anywhere. This facilitates the use of databases in the cloud, something that it became popular with multinationals.

Solve the 800 vpn connection error it is something really necessary, with the methods we have discussed you will surely achieve it. Finally, we would like to point out that the causes of this error are always at hand, so don't worry, it is sure that you will fix the situation. Keep in mind that if you can't solve the problem you can always format your pc and reinstall Windows and for this it is good to know how to save your pc's drivers as well as the essential program package for after formatting. 

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