How to easily hide or remove the message button on Facebook

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Really, it's a very good and effective trick to permanently eliminate the presence of messages in your inbox from people you no longer want to connect with. And it is very cool since you will only avoid his messages and you will have to delete him from your contacts. And this way you avoid any future inconvenience or problems with this person.

In the following tutorial we will provide you with the precise steps you need to follow in order to   Easily hide or remove the message button on Facebook. Stay with us and find out more about this platform, which activates new functions every day for the comfort and tranquility of its millions of users in this social network.

How to easily hide or remove the message button on Facebook

We will explain later how to easily hide or remove the message button on Facebook. And the first thing you should do is go to your account Facebook and log in, when you are on your page you will go to the blue bar and where your logo and name are, you will make a clip there.

This way you will see your profile and options of Biography, Info, Friends, Photos, etc. for our specific case we will make a clip in the information option. And you will pass over your date of birth. When you do, the following option will appear, Edit your basic and contact information.

You have to make a clip there and a new screen will appear with more options and you have to go down until you find the Birth Year option. In it you will see the Edit option, create a clip and the options to edit your birth year will appear. Is important that you change alone the year and that the year of your birth is currently 13 years.

Set date of birth to remove message button on Facebook

This means that you have to enter a year of birth that will make you currently appear 13 years old. If at any time you regret it and want to re-enter your year of birth, you have to wait at least 7 days. Then you will see a message "Please note that you can only change your date of birth a limited number of times".

And also a checkbox asking if you confirm that you are 13 and you should check it. And finally we will make a clip in the Save changes option, this way your age will be confirmed that you are 13 years old. Before exiting this section, you need to change your privacy options by clicking on the lock icon.

When you create a clip there, they will appear three options Audience, My friends and Just me, you have to choose the Only me option. Now you need to exit this setup and see that your Facebook account will no longer have this Send Message option. This is due to existing restrictions on sending messages to children under the age of 14.

As you can see, this trick is very simple to perform and is practically effective in avoiding annoying people who have their inbox full of messages. And in this way we finish with this tutorial which will show you how to easily hide or remove the message button on Facebook

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