How to Easily Identify Songs in YouTube Videos

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First we will go to see the most recommended methods to find out the name of a song without the need for programs and applications. In case these methods don't work for you, we'll leave you a foolproof app to find the name of any song.

How to know which song is playing in a YouTube video

  • The description. The first method we propose is quite simple. In most videos, content creators need to add the credits of the songs they use.
  • So if you go to the description, you might find those credits and know which song is playing.
  • All you have to do is click on " Show more "And where does it say" Music in this video ”A reference to the song or songs that played in it should appear. Although this method is sometimes not effective. It's the first thing you might try.
  • Use the lyrics of the song. Another method that many people use is to basically remember a part of the song, especially if it is the chorus or the lines of the song. Try to hear exactly what the texts are and then digital in the Google search engine.
  • This way, using the lyrics of the song, we can find its name quickly and quite easily. Although in this case you need to pay close attention to the texts and if the topic is in English, it can be a bit complicated.
  • In the comments. This third method is a bit more complicated because we are entirely dependent on luck. Another person may already have a question about which song was used and asked in the comments, it is normal for users to answer this question.
  • So, in case the above methods don't work, you should go to the comments section and check if anyone has had the same question as you and answered.

You also have the option of using programs designed to recognize the song you want to search for and recognize songs such as Chazam

How to know the name of a song on YouTube

But, just in case the above methods didn't work for you. We have no choice but to go with the applications that we find on Android. Which are very useful and above all quick to download and install.

One of the best apps for doing this is Shazam. Which is available for both Android and iOS. We can also find a version for PC.

In case you want to do the whole process from your mobile phone. All you have to do is enable Shazam Pop-Up Mode. For this you will simply have to go to Il my Shazam> Settings> Pop-Up Shazam and activate it.

Once this option is activated. All you have to do is find the video where the song you like is located, play it, and then click on the mobile app icon to start the search.

Google always tries to be at the forefront of technology, that's why it's always trying to innovate its products, and when it comes to music it has fallen behind, as it can also find Google Sound Seach in the search engine.

Shazam is one of the best applications you can find to identify which song is about a song you have heard anywhere. This way, it won't be hard for you to identify the song name from that YouTube video you like so much.

So you already have it clear how to know the song playing in a youtube video without programs and also with the use of an app very simple which will undoubtedly make the job of finding the song name much easier.

Play the song that you like and that you want you can share it thanks to the options that facebook has that allow you to send the complete song.

Use the YouTube audio library to identify songs

Similarly, in the youtube audio library , you can find and identify production music and sound effects, as it is not copyrighted, the audio library is exclusively in Youtube Studio. Which to open the study library you must first access Youtube Studio and then in the menu on the left select Study Library.  

If you want to search for music, all you have to do is enter the title or artist in the search bar, or a keyword related to it, you can also use the filters to find music by title, genre, artist name and duration. in seconds. If you want to save your favorite songs, click the star icon next to the song title.

How to use Google to find a song in a video?

In this way Google gives you the solution to find the song just by singing the melody, which, this tool will activate from the browser search bar, the voice assistant will have to be activated and then we will click to search for the song, to start humming the song, moreover , for this to be successful, you need to sing for about 15 seconds. 

Use social networks to identify songs in YouTube videos

However, YouTube is one of the most visited platforms every day, by those looking for all kinds of videos. We can often hear our favorite background music in content and videos, but we may not know the artist or name of the song, so we can easily identify the song, as then we will show you how to identify the song that is playing on youtube video easily. However, when it comes to identify songs that we hear around us, undoubtedly Sazham is the most popular and used, but in this case what Sazham does is listen to the music that is played through the device in which we installed the application and once identified, he tells us the artist and song title.

Is it possible to identify YouTube songs with the phone?

Likewise, if you can identify songs with your mobile phone, as you are sometimes watching a video on YouTube and suddenly a song pops up and you want to find it, identifying some songs is easy while others require some persistence. That many of you already know about Shazaam which is one of the most used and recognized mobile apps in the world since it has been on the market since 2008, the app records a sample of music that is played, it shows us all kinds of data such as the title of the song, artists, album, Spotify or Groove Music, as well as suggestions for other related songs and is convenient, fast and easy to use on both PC and mobile.

How to use QiiQoo to identify songs playing on YouTube?

In the same way, Smoke is an online service, which allows us to identify the song that is playing in the background in a video of YouTube , that, from the URL of the video itself, after pasting it in the corresponding box, all that remains is to wait for the service to scan and detect the aforementioned song. After a few seconds, we will see a pop-up window indicating the name of the artist and the title of the detected song, that if we have the YouTube video downloaded on the computer or we want to identify the music of any video we have saved in the team, from Smoke you also have the option to upload the video to the platform to scan and identify the song that is playing in the video.

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